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Fair & Ugly : Giriraj Singh Has Only Exposed The Uncomfortable Truth

Giriraj Singh, you ISO-9001 certified Gaffer!! Don’t you know you are supposed to be always,”Politically Correct”? You are not supposed to state the obvious truth.We are not yet ready to digest the truth! 383 more words


A Woman Is Inherently Empowered - Just Let Her Be.

It’s nauseating to hear some of these celebrities,self-proclaimed champions of Women Rights and Feminista Brigades, set narrow definitions of a ,”21st Century Empowered Indian Woman”. 924 more words

Modern India

Shaheed Bhagat Singh-The trial and the execution.

April 8, 1929- The Assembly at Delhi, was in full session.  Two young men, both belonging to the Hindustan Republican Socialist Association, walked into the Assembly and threw two bombs, towards the seats occupied by Government officials. 2,185 more words

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Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon

Lal Qile se aaee awaaz,
Sehgal Dhillon Shahnawaz
Teenon ki ho Umar Daraaz

The voices rent the air outside the Red Fort,  on November 5, 1945 as the 3 men were bought to trial.

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Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu

(This post is reproduced from my answer on Quora about Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu here).

The best tribute to Potti Sriramulu came from Mahatma Gandhi himself… 968 more words

Great Indians

20 Loaves and A Forgotten Mutiny

In March, 1976 P.V.Chakraborty,  former Chief Justice of Kolkata HC  wrote a letter, where he described a correspondence between him and the British Prime Minister Clement Atlee in 1956. 1,707 more words

Modern India

A Complex Challenge

We must accept that Hinduism is an agglomeration of traditions, many of them tribal. But unlike Islam or Christianity which vehemently rejected tribal traditions and insisted on uniformity of belief, Hinduism co-opted tribal lores and acted as a gentle, very gradual transforming factor on them, while itself getting transformed – and widened-  by those  traditions. 259 more words