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JP and Nanaji

1974, Patna– India was in turmoil, as a vast wave of discontent, swept the nation. The heady days of idealism were gone, as a nation came into terms with the loss of innocence. 1,814 more words

Modern India

Lal Bahadur Shastri

“I am just an ordinary man and not a very bright man.”

May 27, 1964- The first Prime Minister Jawharlal Nehru passed away due to a heart attack, and sent a nation into mourning. 2,119 more words

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Bhagat Singh- The Early Years

This is basically a two part series on Bhagat Singh, this deals with his early years for details related to his trial and execution check here… 1,311 more words

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Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

A young officer was travelling to another place to listen to a lecture, at a village, somewhere in Bengal, during the late 19th century. The train reached its destination and the officer was looking for a coolie to carry his luggage. 1,467 more words

Modern India

To what extent did the process of commercialization of agriculture affect the rural scene in India?

Commercialization of agriculture is generally associated with rural prosperity , agriculture surplus and increase in productivity but unfortunately in india it was associated with indebtness,slavery and misery. 264 more words


Param Vir Chakra Shaheed Abdul Hamid, the Tank Buster!!

Who was Abdul Hamid? A quick Google search will tell you that he was a great soldier who had served his country faithfully and well. But a little research yields the moving and inspiring story of a very brave man, a martyr and a modern day story. 1,749 more words

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Famine Policies and Factory Acts

Famine policies:

What is the topic all about?

The topics talks about various famines that struck India during the British rule, what were the policies adopted by the rulers and their impact. 1,336 more words