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Dravidian assault: Bahubali may save Bollywood from its mindless exertions (Comment: Special to IANS)

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There is a scene in Richard Attenboroughs film “Gandhi” where Shriram Lagoo playing Gopal Krishna Gokhale prevails upon the South Africa-returned barrister Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi (played by Ben Kingsley) to travel all over India. 198 more words

Governors-General and Viceroys of India: 1858–1947

Governors-General and Viceroys of India: 1858–1947





The Viscount Canning
from 1859, the Earl Canning
1 November 1858 21 March 1862… 135 more words
Indian History

Veer Savarkar-Who is a Hindu?

We had seen how Savarkar’s tenure in Cellular Jail, which on the one hand drained him out physically, also saw some of his best output as a writer, poet. 850 more words

Indian Freedom Struggle

Challenges of Women Empowerment in Modern India

Women’s empowerment in India is  dependent on many diverse variables that include geographical location (urban/rural), educational status, social status (caste and class), and age. Policies on women’s empowerment exist at the national, state, and local (Panchayat) levels in many sectors, including health, education, economic opportunities, gender-based violence, and political participation. 313 more words


इतिहासातील महत्वपूर्ण सभा

इतिहासातील महत्वपूर्ण सभा  क्र. वर्ष  नाव  सभा  १८४४ दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर  मानवधर्म सभा  १८४८ दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर  ग्यानप्रसारक सभा  १८४९ दादोबा पांडुरंग तर्खडकर, ईश्वरचंद विद्यासागर  परमहंस सभा  १८८४ पी. सुब्रमण्यम अय्यर / आनंद चार्लू मद्रास महाजन सभा १८८४ आगरकर, टिळक, चिपळूणकर  एजुकेशन सोसायटी  १८९३ न्या. रानडे  डेक्कन सभा १९१५ मदन मोहन मालविय हिंदू महासभा १९१६ शाहू महाराज  डेक्कन रयत शिक्षण संस्था  १९१९ कर्मवीर भाऊराव पाटील  रयत शिक्षण संस्था डेक्कन १० १९३२ पंजाबराव देशमुख  श्री शिवाजी शिक्षण संस्था
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