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Politics of Separatism and Independence

1. Analyze the circumstances, between 1942 and 1947, that led to freedom and partition of
2. Examine the main aspects of Muslim League politics from 1937 to 1947. 313 more words

Modern India

1. European Penetration into India

1. “On 23 June 1757, the middle ages of India ended and her modern age began.”
2. How did the British conquer Bengal in the 18th century? 174 more words

Modern India

3.Early Structure of the British Raj

1. Discuss the basic features of the judicial administration under the East India Company.
Did the British introduce the modern concept of the rule of law in India? 166 more words

Modern India

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Chapter 1 - The Introduction

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Arranged Marriage

Master Da Surya Sen

January 12, 1934

The British officials entered the cell of the prisoner, and dragged him out. For the next few hours or so, the prisoner would be subjected to the worst possible torture ever. 1,587 more words

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