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Can I Get a Witness? John 5:31-47 (how I would say it)

 (totally random Maypole)

I’m telling you straight up who I am, but nobody believes it. But I’m not the only one, there’s someone else saying the same thing, and it’s all true. 335 more words


What Gives Him the Right? John 5:16-30 (how I would say it)

 (random pic from my recent trip to Hohenschwangau)

The Jewish authorities really had it out for Jesus because he had broken the laws about working on Saturday (their holy day). 410 more words


Bummed out by Bethesda: John 5:1-15 (how I would say it)

 (Pool of Bethesda today. Not much to look at…)

Later on, Jesus went to Jerusalem for one of the Jewish festivals. Near the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem, there’s a pool called Bethesda (an Aramaic word). 315 more words


Two Paths: Proverbs 4:26, 18, 19, 15, 14, 16, 17, 11, 12, 27, 25 (How I would say it)

Think carefully about the course your life is taking. If you choose the right path, your life will be spiritually successful and things will turn out right for you. 548 more words

Modern Language

Do You Speak-A My Language?

Foreign language provision in schools has always been a bit of a hit-and-miss affair.

For a start, in many schools, it’s the choice of language. I was offered French or German, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth. 260 more words

...of street art, modern language & watch out!...

…”Vancouver artist iHeart’s street mural ranked second most popular in world”…”Rare watch designed by Vancouver entrepreneur seconds from selling out”…

Interesting to note that, London UK’s website… 195 more words

The Power of the Hashtag

As we all know, the hashtag is a generally new tool. New enough still that there are programs that are still upgrading their dictionaries to include it as an official word. 624 more words

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