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My Camera & My Chai - rated PG!

I realise that the author I am talking about in this post may not be wholly familiar to Americans. However, to those of English or Commonwealth descent, PG Wodehouse is a completely familiar writer. 389 more words


On Swearing

I fucking love swearing. The pure pleasure of a well placed fuck is one of the things I hang on to in life. It might not be professional, it might make other people judge me, but you know what? 1,142 more words


Letters + Revelations

As someone who prefers letters to text messages and who hasn’t quit reading books, I’d like to think I’m more appreciative than your average teenager. I also think I may in fact be turning into my mother due to the fact I, prior to writing this, scoured my local bookstore for Pride & Prejudice and even Fahrenheit 451. 298 more words

The Language of Fairy Tales by M. T. DeSantis

It’s often said of Shakespeare’s classics by many modern readers—his stories are timeless, but the language is inaccessible. The same could be said for the original versions of fairy tales. 698 more words


Florence M. Weinberg, Ph.D.

Title: Writer; Language Educator (Retired)
Location: San Antonio, TX United States


  • Inductee, Worldwide Lifetime Achievement (2016)
  • Featured Member, Who’s Who in America, Marquis Who’s Who (2008-2016)
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