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The Evening Post: How Modern Language Breaks Scrabble

Tonight, I am presenting the latest episode from the YouTube channel PBS Game/Show.  As language has changed over the years, Scrabbles’s famous point system has become flawed. 54 more words

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Postcards From Jeff: Modern Language

We quite liked Postcards From Jeff’s EP last year; we thought they were American but now discover they’re from Manchester (so know “quite liked” means “really liked”). 248 more words

World Language Students Use of Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Do world language students use technology n the classroom? Do their  teachers go beyond having their students use technology simply for the drill and practice in vocabulary and grammar? 211 more words


Alphabe Thursday O is for O brasileiro

O brasileiro deplora

O interesse de amar

Seus costumes, sua música

Quer os outros imitar

Povo assim e muito fácil

Doutro país dominar

The Brazilian deplores the interest of love; and that others want to try its customs and music; people like this will easily dominate … … 160 more words


The Truth About Grammar

Learning from Experience

The Truth About Grammar

Knowing about grammar is just like knowing about healthy and unhealthy food.

Just when you think you’ve learned it, the rules change.

Satire: Patton translated into modern business/military speak

Every once in a while we like to take a break from our usual content and present something humorous.  Recently in an online forum, we were discussing the latest issue of ARMOR and how much the style of writing has changed over the years.   2,549 more words

From The Editor

Modern Language: Slang for 2015 Life

Now, I must say that I’m not exactly the person who stays up-to-date on the most recent hip lingo for certain things but I came across this and thought it was very interesting. 39 more words