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Here Are 3 Common Dating 'No-Nos' That Might Actually Be Worth Exploring

Modern day dating is (for a lack of a better word) a shitshow. We’re at that age where we want to get serious, but also enjoy screenshotting cringey conversations and instigating a group chat roast. 514 more words


मॉडर्न वाला इश्क ( व्यंग्य )

                                  सुना है इश्क का रंग बड़ा गहरा होता है ,

                                             जिसे हो जाये , बस उसे ही लगता है

                                  पर आज के जमाने को देखकर लगता है ,

                                              लद गए वो जमाने अब ,

                                  मॉडर्न वाला इश्क चलता है।

                         व्यावहारिक हो गया है इश्क अब ,

                                                                                   कई कसौटियों पर तुलता है ,

                                                                      दिल से नहीं गुजरता अब ,

                                                                                   दिमाग में पहले उतरता है।

                                    नहीं रही अब वो संजीदगी ,

                                             इश्क होने से पहले ब्रेकअप हो जाता है ,

                                    तू न सही , और कोई सही ,

                                              फार्मूला हर बार काम कर जाता है।

                                                                          इश्क अब यूँ ही नहीं होता ,

                                                                                       पूरी पड़ताल के बाद होता है ,

                                                                          नजरे मिलाने से पहले ,

                                                                               उसका फेसबुक, ट्विटर और इंस्ट्रागाम जरूर चेक होता है।

                                      जरुरी भी है वक्त बदल गया है ,

                                                   समय के साथ जरूर चलना चाहिए ,

                                      इश्क को भी इस दौर के इम्तेहान देने चाहिए ,

                                        उसकी “हां” या “न ” के इंतजार के बीच दो चार ऑप्शन और होने चाहिए।

Meeting with directors: Takuya Fukushima


Thursday, I had the honour to attend a screening of Modern Love (English review/Japanese review) in Shinjuku’s K’s Cinema in the presence of the director Takuya and some of the crew-members – a guy responsible for the production design and a female make-up artist. 524 more words


You Are A Horrible Person For Hurting Her

I don’t know why you had to choose her. There are millions of people in this universe and you had to hurt one of the pure, soft-hearted ones. 479 more words


21st Century Love Needs Help, Please.

Love is something we all want but that so many of us don’t know how to give or receive.

I’m one of those people.

And I don’t know, maybe it’s just my perception of the world around me, but why are so many of us twenty-somethings so messed up? 230 more words

You Only Love Me At 3 AM

“You have more dignity than this.” 

I heard a voice inside my head, not unlike my own, softly whisper as he grazed my shoulder with his fingertips as if touching porcelain bound to break any second. 697 more words


This Is How You Love Yourself Through Loneliness

I take pictures of myself every day, everywhere. I became quite good at it, and nobody seems distressed by the superficial sighs of a woman photographing herself with her phone timer camera in random instances on the streets of Berlin. 1,579 more words