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TV Reps & Producers On Sellers Market & How 'True Detective' Changed Business & Opened The Door To A-List Talent - INTV

The current explosion of scripted TV series and the proliferation of streaming services has been a boon for writers, WME president Ari Greenburg said during a panel at the INTV conference in Jerusalem. 439 more words

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Read This If Modern Love Is Not For You

How fast are we going? How fast are things coming to us in life? This is the new measure of success.

Wake up and tear the day apart into activities. 536 more words


cambridge, ma

somebody’s gone & torn all
the paper.
waved his wand
fingers about & emptied
the white sodden load over:
i am wet
cotton cutout doing the trick… 91 more words


How Do We Find Love, In The Time of Tinder?

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day.

Urvaksh, a 30-something banker, loves plaid, almond milk lattes and artisanal beer. Like most quintessential gay men that I know, Urvaksh is on the lookout for ‘sweep-me-off-my-feet’ love – the kind that you find in dog-eared romance novels and primetime soaps. 1,078 more words


Dear Gay Men, Do We Have A Problem With Promiscuity?

As the average gay guy would tell you, one of the first things you do as a homosexual man is to reject the notion of homosexuality entirely – ‘I am not like the others’, you tell yourself, stiff-lipped – in fact, you’ll tell anyone who’ll listen – ‘I won’t let this define me’, ‘I won’t be the gay person’, all the way till you reach the quintessential ‘I won’t be who I am uncomfortable being.’ 789 more words


Relationships are so much work.

Relationships are so much work.

You’ve got to listen

To understand

To care

To speak with love

And then do it all over again.

In between all that, 103 more words