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Lovers & Friends

Yesterday was my second day at the new job and several times during the day my thoughts drifted to Bashar and I had to do everything in my power to not cry. 942 more words

Black Girls

What My Ex Liking My Old Instagram Pic Made Me Realize About Modern Dating

It has always been my belief that in hard or confusing times regarding a love interest, when someone wants to speak to you, they speak to you. 1,121 more words

Podcasts to Improve Mood and Inspire

Like some people use music for inspiration, I use podcasts. I’ve found myself with school commutes where I need to be entertained, and podcasts work really well for this too. 316 more words


Here Are 5 Reasons I'm Swiping Left On Modern Dating

My absolute favorite topic to discuss, dating (sarcasm, obviously). Dating in today’s world is one of the most stressful and annoying things we get to experience #truth. 1,510 more words

What The Fuck?!

I started this blog mostly because what else is a woman, in her mid-thirties, divorced, mother of two, socially not too active (let alone sexually) supposed to do with her endless time on her hands and with the many failed attempts at romance?!  571 more words


The flamingos

Over so many drinks, she starts to dance
She keeps moving only to make her forget the pain that the scar has given,
just to make her tears stop from flowing. 143 more words


5 Signs You're Just an Object to Him

When you hear about men who objectify women, you think of obvious scumbags such as Donald Trump, Charlie Sheen, and Chris Brown. But the womanizers of the world seem to be getting trickier, with slicker moves and smoother compliments, because now they come in handsome and charming forms such as… 1,103 more words