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Lab-Grown Meat Update

It may be a few more years off, but the advent of slaughterhouse- and feedlot-free meat is coming, it’s just a matter of time before these hideous institutions are history. 66 more words


Getting Real with Synthetic Meat Production

I never liked the term “vegan leather.” It dresses up something that’s a fake. We don’t call polyester sweaters “vegan wool” or a kid’s rubber football “vegan pig skin.” It’s fake leather. 422 more words


Modern Meadow Raises $10 Million To Make Bioprinted Leather

In the future your sexy black biker jacket may be bioprinted. The New York-based Modern Meadow was originally known for its work in producing bioprinted meat – meat that is cultured in a vat and not grown on a cow – but just raised a $10 million Series A to begin printing cultured leather, a biomaterial that can be used in clothing and other applications. 287 more words


Why this Hong Kong billionaire is investing $10 million in lab-grown leather

One of Asia’s richest men, Li Ka Shing is sinking $10 million into a Brooklyn-based startup that specializes in lab-made meat and leather. This is Li’s second recent investment in synthetic animal products—earlier this year he invested in a company that makes… 179 more words

More food start-ups with a tech edge

Following up on our recent Hartbeat about investors pouring money into food start-ups, MIT Technology Review published a new list of start-ups. It includes a short profile of Hampton Creek, whose founder, Josh Tetrick, says “he can make plant-based versions on a fraction of the water and only two calories of energy per calorie of food — free of cholesterol, saturated fat, allergens, avian flu, and cruelty to animals. 287 more words

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