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Getting Real with Synthetic Meat Production

I never liked the term “vegan leather.” It dresses up something that’s a fake. We don’t call polyester sweaters “vegan wool” or a kid’s rubber football “vegan pig skin.” It’s fake leather. 422 more words


Modern Meadow Raises $10 Million To Make Bioprinted Leather

In the future your sexy black biker jacket may be bioprinted. The New York-based Modern Meadow was originally known for its work in producing bioprinted meat – meat that is cultured in a vat and not grown on a cow – but just raised a $10 million Series A to begin printing cultured leather, a biomaterial that can be used in clothing and other applications. 287 more words


Why this Hong Kong billionaire is investing $10 million in lab-grown leather

One of Asia’s richest men, Li Ka Shing is sinking $10 million into a Brooklyn-based startup that specializes in lab-made meat and leather. This is Li’s second recent investment in synthetic animal products—earlier this year he invested in a company that makes… 179 more words

More food start-ups with a tech edge

Following up on our recent Hartbeat about investors pouring money into food start-ups, MIT Technology Review published a new list of start-ups. It includes a short profile of Hampton Creek, whose founder, Josh Tetrick, says “he can make plant-based versions on a fraction of the water and only two calories of energy per calorie of food — free of cholesterol, saturated fat, allergens, avian flu, and cruelty to animals. 287 more words

Food And Beverage

The evolution in creating food.

Past week, we’ve talked about 3D printers capable of printing meals using ingredients reservoirs. Off course those reservoirs needed basic ingredients like for the pizza: the dough, the tomato sauce and so on. 335 more words