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Day 2: TGIF Crew!

TGIF! Time to take a rest day, right?


That would be a mistake…because the Core Crew grind includes Friday!

Rounding out your week with a little sweat can provide a boatload of health benefits! 578 more words

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Day 30: Bust It Out!

Final Day! 

Get up, get moving, and bust it out Crew!

1 round of hips for each leg then for your bonus, do it again! 426 more words

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Jack... or Jill?.. of all trades

In my “about” paragraph on my home page, I sort of mention how I don’t exactly have a narrow field of topic for this blog. And that I will be posting something (whether that be parenting, crafting, baking or ranting) every week. 393 more words

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sleeping on the e d g e. 

there is a lot of different views on the idea of co sleeping with little ones. I totally get the fear of rolling over on them, or in my case fearing my husband will! 337 more words

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Grocery Shopping

The two places I grocery shop the most: Costco and Whole Foods.

Half of my brain is like, yes to bulk fruit snacks! Who cares about artificial colors! 62 more words

world b r e a s t f e e d i n g week

August is breastfeeding awareness month and before I get started i would like to start by saying that I r e s p e c t every mothers choice to breastfeed or not, and their reasoning is quite honestly none of my business. 723 more words

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tie dye toes. 

I’ve been into tie dye clothing since I can remember. I started making my own and teaching friends a few years back.
before I knew it my boyfriend at the time and I were tie dying all the time and enjoying every minute of it! 137 more words

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