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Your new go-to cleaner - safe enough for the kitchen, tough enough for the garage

You’ve just seen the last of your relatives off to the airport, you plop down on the couch, kick up your feet and take a look around only to realize your home is a  396 more words

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"Being a working Mom is sometimes really fucking awful (and almost always really hard)."

It’s 4am and my 4th waking on the 4th night of the 4 month sleep regression that is currently taking our household by storm. As I’m woefully dragging myself out of bed, I just want to scream in my tired delirium because, … 689 more words

Honest Mom

Day 10: Brutally Strong Hips

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of strong hips and glutes. But it never hurts to hear it again…

Let’s review the November 4, 2016 post for those who haven’t heard this stuff yet, and for those who need a reminder… 554 more words

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Day 16: Hip Hip Hoo Ray for Friday!

Who doesn’t love Fridays?!?!?

There’s so many reasons to be excited for the weekend…but of course for us runners…it’s all about that long run! ;) 253 more words

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Days 8 - 11: Be Strong Crew!

As much as I hate to leave you for 4 days…I am so excited for Ragnar Trail Alafia Springs! I might check in here and there but for the most part, you’ll be on your own through Saturday so please BE STRONG and push through this weekend. 545 more words

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Day 2: TGIF Crew!

TGIF! Time to take a rest day, right?


That would be a mistake…because the Core Crew grind includes Friday!

Rounding out your week with a little sweat can provide a boatload of health benefits! 578 more words

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Day 30: Bust It Out!

Final Day! 

Get up, get moving, and bust it out Crew!

1 round of hips for each leg then for your bonus, do it again! 426 more words

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