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February 1st - February 7th

The Valley Nerd Watch!

Oh gosh, everyone! The SciTech Cafe last week was awesome. Not only because we got to find out about quantum mechanics, the science with most “ooooooh weird” moments per minute for a hundred years running. 1,412 more words


January 25th - January 31st

The Valley Nerd Watch!

This’ll be a quick one since we’re suuuper tired at the moment. Woogh. Look, let’s just say that if someone asks you to play the Game of Thrones Board Game at 4:00pm, clear time until like 8:00pm the next day. 1,510 more words


Local Podcasts!

Ever since the invention of podcasts – when all radios in the Northern hemisphere intercepted a panicked discussion between a group of survivors of the Great Hiveship Anaximanious who had accidentally flipped their escape pod’s internal tele-speak on “broadcast” during a panicked hunt for the SOS transmitter before having an enlightening conversation about comedy, music, movies, board games, and oddly enough the American penal system – we’ve all been fans of this on-demand radio for the internet. 628 more words

Modern Myths

Modern Myths 3: The Witch Trials

One of the big claims made by naturalists against Christians are the witchtrials. Like our other modern myths, the truth of the matter has grown somewhat over the years. 766 more words

Modern Myth 4: Christianity caused Western Slavery

I eventually plan to address questions related to slavery in the Old Testament, but the defense I’ve been working on is somewhat unique, so before publishing, I want to make certain that I’ve thought through a few potential ramifications (and since its one of my two major ideas for a dissertation topic, a little bit of discretion is useful). 643 more words

Modern Myths #2: The Persecution of Galileo

There are numerous claims in the modern myths about the rise of science. One of the most famous is the case of Galileo. It is true that Galileo was brought before the inquisition, and censored; but there are a number of other problems with the analysis. 628 more words