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47: Bound together on a Glacier (Social Security)

Whether we like to think about or admit it or not,

the whole nation is in fact bound together as men are by ropes on a glacier. 1,494 more words


Intimism Isn't Over: Frances Stark at the Art Institute of Chicago

A mien of grandeur and refinement wafts from Frances Stark’s show at the Art Institute of Chicago. Off to one side, a warmly lit hallway invites the close inspection of a lone, delicate oil painting, trimmed in an ornate frame. 432 more words

Modern Painters

‘I’ve had photographs taken for portraits because I very much prefer working from the photographs than from models…I couldn’t attempt to do a portrait from photographs of somebody I didn’t know…’

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"Rear Window Treatment"

Like Miss Hearing Aid, who was observed carving large Brancusi-like sculptures on a pedestal on the front steps of her apartment building in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film Rear Window, the artists in “Rear Window Treatment” are both marks for and perpetrators of voyeuristic leanings. 358 more words

Modern Painters

37: Mr. Turner


A couple of weekends ago, my wife, Jenn Morris, and I were lucky enough to have a few days in New York, a city which we discovered to be only marginally warmer than the frigid Upstate New York town where we usually draw our winter breaths. 2,182 more words


Tamar Ettun: Living Sculpture

It wasn’t clear just what, exactly, Tamar Ettun and a group of performers were building toward during an hour-long event last June in the small theater at the Abrons Arts Center on New York’s Lower East Side, but all six of them moved between tasks onstage with such determination that most of the audience, though able to enter and exit the space freely, stayed put for the entire duration. 809 more words

Modern Painters