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My Picasso Museum Experience

One thing that I was particularly looking forward to see in Barcelona was the Picasso Museum. As a Studio Art major, I have always been interested in his artwork and seeing his works in person hardly compares to seeing it online or in textbooks. 657 more words


70: The Mathematical Necessity of Happiness

As our last post and, indeed, the daily state of this rounding planet suggests, there is always the tumult. To counter which, there are, of course, Wordsworth’s famous and wonderful lines, written 1802 (and published in 1807): 826 more words

John Ruskin

66: The Laws of Life/The Laws of Death


This is not normally a “current events” site. What Ruskin has to share with us, as I hope our previous posts have made clear, transcends almost all those things that come, catch our consciousness, and then vanish out of our daily experience. 859 more words

John Ruskin


“Nothing can be true which is either complete or vacant; every touch is false which does not suggest more than it represents, and every space is false which presents nothing.”

~ John Ruskin, Modern Painters

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65: Moss


From the immense (last post: #64) to the minuscule (this one), Ruskin’s love of the marvels of nature never waned. Among all the messages he tried to communicate over the decades which contained his career he was constantly reminding us of our intimate, enduring, and essential connection with the marvelous world in which we draw breath. 1,301 more words

John Ruskin

Review: Marrakech Biennale

Marrakech Biennale
Marrakech // February 24—May 8

It seemed inhospitable at first for a contemporary exhibition: Marrakech, after all, is a hot-blooded territory belonging to—at points politically, culturally, colonially—the Middle East, Africa, and the Mediterranean. 666 more words