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63: Infinite Orchards

Fine Folks,

Ruskin was convinced that the Paradise most of us imagine or long for was neither elsewhere (the Italian riviera?) or located in some vaguely conceived future. 604 more words

John Ruskin

Review: Laure Prouvost in Los Angeles

Los Angeles
Laure Prouvost

“A Way to Leak, Lick, Leek”
Fahrenheit // Through April 9

A squid produces lingering splatters of ink; an ice cream cone melts and drips over a manicured young hand; a raw egg, crushed in one palm, oozes through the fingers of another—in… 356 more words


Reviews in Brief, Dubai

Sohrab Sepehri
Leila Heller Gallery

Sepehri holds the distinction of being one of Iran’s leading modernist artists as well as modernist poets. He was educated in lithography in Paris, calligraphy in Japan, and Buddhism in India, and these influences, along with Zen, Taoist, and mystic principles, as well as midcentury Western- style abstract expression and modernism, are visible in this collection of paintings, rarely seen since his death in 1980. 246 more words


Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian

The Third Line

We tend to think of abstraction as apolitical. Sealed to questions of narrative, portraiture, or identity, geometric abstraction seems detached, or at least distant from, contemporary issues of conceptual or material representation. 452 more words


58: Four

Ruskin long; Ruskin medium; Ruskin short.

Whenever and wherever you enter the mine, gems appear in the tunnels and veins. Of late, the wellspring has emerged from the longer and medium tunnels. 613 more words

John Ruskin