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Lawrence Krauss: Universe Explained

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss has a new 5-part series on explaining the universe, each 10-15 minutes long:

Part 1 – The Big Bang:

Part 2 – Expanding Universe: 11 more words

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Brian Cox: Quantum Mechanics in 60 seconds

Is it even possible to explain quantum mechanics in 60 seconds? Physicist Brian Cox will try it in the following video:

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The Shadow Universe!!!!

                 The idea of a shadow universe may sound crazy, but it is a serious suggestion from physicists in US trying to make sense of our universe’s invisible, or ‘dark matter. 488 more words

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The Hole of Infinity:-Black Holes

” From the Black secrets of the Cosmos…………”                              


                              ‘BLACK HOLE’ as the name refers that a hole which is black in colour. It is black because nothing even light can’t escape from its gravity.

423 more words
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Solution of a Modern Physics Problem

Problem 1# When the sun is directly overhead, the thermal energy incident on the earth is
1.4 kWm-2 .Assuming that the sun behaves like a perfect blackbody of radius 7 x 105 km, which is 1.5 x 108 km from the earth, show that the total intensity of radiation emitted from the sun is 6.4 x 107 Wm-2 and hence estimate the sun’s temperature. 85 more words