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Lawrence Krauss: Universe Explained

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss has a new 5-part series on explaining the universe, each 10-15 minutes long:

Part 1 – The Big Bang:

Part 2 – Expanding Universe: 11 more words

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Brian Cox: Quantum Mechanics in 60 seconds

Is it even possible to explain quantum mechanics in 60 seconds? Physicist Brian Cox will try it in the following video:

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Famous Scientists Who Believed in God - Part 11 - William Thomson Kelvin

William Thomson Kelvin (1824-1907)

Kelvin was foremost among the small group of British scientists who helped to lay the foundations of modern physics. His work covered many areas of physics, and he was said to have more letters after his name than anyone else in the Commonwealth, since he received numerous honorary degrees from… 144 more words


The Shadow Universe!!!!

                 The idea of a shadow universe may sound crazy, but it is a serious suggestion from physicists in US trying to make sense of our universe’s invisible, or ‘dark matter. 488 more words

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The Hole of Infinity:-Black Holes

” From the Black secrets of the Cosmos…………”                              


                              ‘BLACK HOLE’ as the name refers that a hole which is black in colour. It is black because nothing even light can’t escape from its gravity.

423 more words
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