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The Hole of Infinity:-Black Holes

” From the Black secrets of the Cosmos…………”                              


                              ‘BLACK HOLE’ as the name refers that a hole which is black in colour. It is black because nothing even light can’t escape from its gravity.

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Magnificent Astronomy

Solution of a Modern Physics Problem

Problem 1# When the sun is directly overhead, the thermal energy incident on the earth is
1.4 kWm-2 .Assuming that the sun behaves like a perfect blackbody of radius 7 x 105 km, which is 1.5 x 108 km from the earth, show that the total intensity of radiation emitted from the sun is 6.4 x 107 Wm-2 and hence estimate the sun’s temperature. 85 more words

The path of an electron in a bubble chamber

The diagram shows the path of an electron in a bubble chamber.

Which of the following can you deduce from the diagram?

(A) The electron is moving anti-clockwise. 96 more words

Electricity & Magnetism.

A Cosmic Computer?

In both popular and technical literature in subjects such as cosmology or theoretical physics, one can often find authors referring to the universe as a “computer”. 430 more words

A mixture of two radioactive elements

A mixture contains two radioactive elements with half lives of 800 and 1600 years respectively. If the relative proportion of radioactive elements is initially 1:1, what is their relative proportion after 1600 years? 56 more words

Modern Physics

Modern Physics

Earlier this evening I had Modern Physics, which is not part of the Engineering curriculum but is required for a minor in Physics. This class is basically intended to cover physics in the classroom from Einstein’s influence and on. 289 more words



Physical optics is a branch of optics which deals with nature of light, mechanism of its production, emission and propagation through space. It deals with the phenomenon of Interference, Diffraction and Polarization of light.  569 more words

Modern Physics