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Reading the Comics, April 20, 2015: History of Mathematics Edition

This is a bit of a broad claim, but it seems Comic Strip Master Command was thinking of all mathematics one lead-time ago. There’s a comic about the original invention of mathematics, and another showing off 20th century physics equations. 619 more words


Learning About Atoms

The Science PLC at our school is considering what students should know about atoms in 8th and 9th grade science classes (including Physics First).  Just recently, … 1,204 more words


Does the temperature of a particle increase as it is accelerated to relativistic speeds?

Temperature is a macroscopic quantity. It is meant that temperature is a property of a collection of particles. We can only talk about the temperature of atoms that make up an object. 49 more words

Interesting Physics

Modern Physics: Chapter 8 - Normalizing a Wavefunction

I discussed in the previous chapter you the probability of a particle being detected in the continous range can be calculated from its wavefunction using, 127 more words


Modern Physics: Chapter 7 - Introduction to Wavefunctions

So I already mentioned that everything has a matter-wave associated with it. Developing the idea a bit further, we get the concept of a wavefunction  158 more words


Modern Physics: Chapter 6 - The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

One of the best explanations I’ve found of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle is in Volume III of the Feynman Lectures on Physics. Read the following sections (which I’ve linked) to understand the general concept behind it: 92 more words


Modern Physics: Chapter 5 - Fourier Transform I

To create a truly localized wavepacket we need to superpose not just two but an infinite amount of sinusoidal waves whose wavelengths and amplitudes vary in a continuous spectrum. 93 more words