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My thoughts on Leonard Susskind and his contributions to physics

While spending most of my time procrastinating on why I should be revising for my physics exam in two days, I thought why not write a short blog on a physicist which has inspired me to go deeper into the field of physics, so without further ado here are the reasons why Leonard Susskind is in my opinion the genius of our generation for modern physics. 390 more words

Black Holes

How Do Solar Panels Work

Solar Panels are made of semi-conducting material. When sunlight falls on it, the photons knock electrons from the surface atoms. This results in positive charge on the surface, which causes flow of electrons. 923 more words


Does Light Accelerate?

We usually use the terms “light slows down” or “light speeds up” when we describe the behavior of the light in the media. We also know that light curves in a gravitational field and emits from an atom. 206 more words

Interesting Physics

Where the Big Bang fails - a first look at Cosmology

The evolution of the world can be compared to a display of fireworks that has just ended; some few red wisps, ashes and smoke. Standing on a cooled cinder, we see the slow fading of the suns, and we try to recall the vanishing brilliance of the origin of the worlds.

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Modern Physics

Quantum Quotes

I was going through some old files of mine and found a document with quotes from famous physicists on quantum mechanics. While the quotes were all interesting, they were not exactly scientific or at least were free of scientific context, and many if not most were from the first and second generations of quantum physicists. 427 more words


From Maxwell to MoEDAL : a review of magnetic monopoles

2015 : 150th anniversary of Maxwell’s equations, and first run of the MoEDAL experiment at CERN. What do they have in common? The mysterious magnetic monopoles… 2,003 more words

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