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Four types of multiverses

Most people believe that the universe began at the Big Bang, and that our universe is the only one that has ever existed. Others believe that the universe is cyclical, and that universes existed before ours: those universes, it is hypothesized, collapsed and were replaced by later universes. 502 more words

Quantum Mechanics

Warp drive

Most people are familiar with warp drive as a form of FTL (Faster Than Light travel) Its most popular use is in the science-fiction series Star Trek. 654 more words

Modern Physics


It’s best if I start by giving some information about my past before posting about any specific subject. I was born into a religious family, and I’ve always had a critical and logical mind regarding religion. 286 more words


How do point particles create atoms with size?

This article is archived for use with my students from Ask Ethan: If Matter Is Made Of Point Particles, Why Does Everything Have A Size? 1,661 more words


Day 8: Welcome to The Fermilab

Modern Physics met today and spent a little more time on their particle adventure. Even though they didn’t finish, we moved on to a new activity so that we didn’t spend too much time at once buried in a website with so many new terms (and tigers and top hats!). 318 more words


Day 6: Quarks, Whiteboards, and What in the world are capacitors doing?

The Modern Physics class had a board meeting to discuss the rules they came up with for how quarks combine.

They also watched a couple of Physics Girl videos to give more overview of quarks and then… 219 more words