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Modern Physics: Chapter 5 - Fourier Transform I

To create a truly localized wavepacket we need to superpose not just two but an infinite amount of sinusoidal waves whose wavelengths and amplitudes vary in a continuous spectrum. 93 more words


Modern Physics: Chapter 4 - Wave Groups

In the last chapter, I discussed matter waves. Now, when one thinks about waves in general, one visualizes plane waves. Essentially something like this:

Now, the mathematical function for a moving plane wave is of the form… 353 more words


Modern Physics: Chapter 3 - Making (Non)Sense of the Double Slit Experiment

So let’s get this straight. An electron gives a wave-life diffraction pattern in the double slit experiment. It clearly shows wave behavior. However, as soon as you put detectors in front of the slits and try to detect the electron, its pattern changes to a bullet-like particle pattern. 155 more words


Modern Physics: Chapter 2 - Double Slit Experiment II

In the last chapter I mentioned that the maxima and minima formed with electrons in the double slit experiment were probability maxima/minima. In fact, the… 171 more words


Modern Physics: Chapter 1 - Double Slit Experiment I

The results of the double slit experiment challenge the classical concept of the electron being a particle and the concept of nature being divided into particles and waves. 307 more words


Modern Physics - Introduction

The following is adapted from a lecture by Dr. Sabieh Anwar cited at the end of this post:

Why Study Quantum Physics?

A common question that comes to our mind is: “Why are we studying Modern Physics?” After all, most of us want to become Electrical Engineers because that’s the way the wind is blowing these days. 565 more words