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General Theory Of Relativity

Who doesn’t know about Albert Einstein? One of the most celebrated physicists of all time, Albert Einstein, is known for his theories and observations such as, General Relativity, Special Relativity, Brownian movement, Photoelectric effect etc. 426 more words


Theoretical physics: The origins of space and time

Many researchers believe that physics will not be complete until it can explain not just the behaviour of space and time, but where these entities come from. 3,089 more words

Quantum Mechanics

Universal Scale

This project is an attempt to understand the nature of the human scale. By scale, I mean our understanding of size. For we can say that we are big or that we are small, yet both of those words depend on a comparison to another form of size. 628 more words


Quantum teleportation

Big step for quantum teleportation won’t bring us any closer to Star Trek. Here’s why

By Adrian Cho, Sep. 19, 2016 , Science (AAAS)

Two teams have set new distance records for quantum teleportation: using the weirdness of quantum mechanics to instantly transfer the condition or “state” of one quantum particle to another one in a different location. 1,711 more words

Quantum Mechanics

Why So Many Terrorists?

We’re all afraid whether we admit it or not. We’re afraid that one day these terrorists would one day come to attack us. And the worst thing is we won’t see it coming, just like the indigenes of Mosul, Iraq hadn’t seen it coming. 2,136 more words

Modern Physics

Relativity V: The Speed of Light

Hello, and welcome back to MPC! Last week, we spoke about the constant nature of time. This week we will be pulling together ideas from last week’s post and the “Michelson-Morley Part 2” post in order to get a better understanding of the importance of the speed of light. 960 more words


Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

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The Big Bang Model

Let’s review the observational evidence: 2,425 more words

Modern Physics