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When silence speaks the loudest

Pharisees: I relate to them. Do you?

Remember when you and I used to sit on folding chairs in slightly stale church offices and learn about those strange men? 592 more words

Know Your Season

Modern humans have used technology to largely control the forces of nature. When nature does inevitably effect some of us, it is newsworthy. Graphic videos of tornado-ravaged towns as well as people standing on rooftops amid floodwaters tug at our heartstrings. 566 more words

Sufism: traditional, modern, and post-modern

I want to posit that the jump-off point between modern and post-modern philosophy is Ludwig Wittgenstein’s notion of language games. His point is that there are multiple human language games in operation simultaneously; each language game functions to establish a different type of truth, and the truth established by one language game may have only limited relevance to the truth established by another. 614 more words


Religious Cult : No Such Thing

One of the best things you can do for yourself as an honest student of religion is to throw away the common concept of a ‘religious cult’. 474 more words

Religious Literacy

Modern Religion

To help you remember the many and diverse religions of the world, my seven categories of all religions past and present offer you assistance and support. 354 more words

Religious Literacy

Too Many Religions! part II

The objective of my categories is to orient the student once and for all into religion as a topic of study.

The seven categories are: 868 more words

Religious Literacy

Hillsong New York


Just a short video of a recent interview Carl had with Katie Couric. But this is why, I feel, religion and church in America is poised to reach millions in 2014. 118 more words