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Eckankar Fields Forever

IF what I saw last month was an example of something very old, what I saw today was an example of something very new…and I almost feel like it loses something in the translation of religion. 4,368 more words



I’ve been speed reading and am absolutely enthralled with my bible reading so far. I am at Leviticus 11 and will be turning around back to Genesis 1:1. 135 more words


Excercising the ego

I operate out of an ego spectrum. I just invented that. “Ego Spectrum”. Sounds awesome. Some points of my day im helping little old ladies cross the street with groceries, at other times im screaming at the guy cooking my food because hes not listening to what ive asked for a thousand times. 163 more words

Daily Life

Real Talk: Religion.

Have you heard the expression “religion and politics should not be discussed”?

I heard this a lot growing up, from peers and teachers, and it always confused me. 1,255 more words