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Words in the Electronic Ages

 What we know of words upon a page
 Read, learned over again until sated
 In the richness found.
 Then turn to the electronic blue haze
 Where even words resonate, echoing fade.
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Anxiety and panic attacks

Most teens in this world ha e some form of anxiety. Anxiety can be mild or crippling. Anxiety can often cause panic attacks (which suck by the way). 207 more words

Being A Teen

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time,

It starts.

To begin it not

Acceptance since—

It is as it has always been.

Love and loss,

Desire and lust, 175 more words


The Irresponsible Mother

What is it? Where does it come from? And does it exist-as a reality or as a projection of fear?

Looming about me as I grew up was this sensation of doom around parenting; perhaps led by my father, and the worries of his Latin family from which he inherited it.. 634 more words

Screen Culture, Part 5 - The Surveillance State

This concludes our series on the spiritual implications of today’s computer culture.

In ‘1984’ the dictatorship was always surveilling you.  Now, young people want to be surveyed.  

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A concept is a brick. It can be used
to build a courthouse of reason. Or it
can be thrown through the window.

Gilles Deleuze


The Web of the Spider

Is of naught but clamour and woe
And strife. She is but the web of
The spider, the tunnel of the mole.

Kahlil Gibran, A Treasury of Kahlil Gibran… 6 more words