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Why Dungeons and Dragons has seen such a surge of popularity in recent years.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve begun to see an increase in the coverage that Dungeons and Dragons is getting in popular culture. It’s appeared and been talked about everywhere from Netflix’s Stranger Things to late night shows like Steven Colbert. 798 more words

Table Top Gaming

Best If Read With A Glass Of Scotch

Best if read with a glass of Scotch in your hand, (any adult beverage will suffice).

And gradually, though no one remembers exactly how it happened, 25 more words


Sometimes we all just need to hit Ctrl Alt Delete.

In honour of recommending podcasts in the chronological order of me discovering them, today’s recommendation is Emma Gannon’s extensively impressive podcast; Ctrl Alt Delete.

The story of what led me to this podcast is short and sweet this time, in that after binging… 759 more words


Why Am I Here?

In all honesty, this blog is the product of bottled-up angst as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. I felt on that platform that my views were being reduced to petty arguments. 143 more words


Look, I’m
not that fussy or sophisticated. I’m also not a great cook so I know it’s wrong
to criticise other people’s dinner parties when the hosts feed me gourmet… 620 more words

Modern Etiquette

Rights as an Image

“Everyone seeks their look.
Since it is no longer possible to base any claim on one’s own existence, there
is nothing for it but to perform an appearing act without concerning oneself… 853 more words

Modern Society

1907, 1913 The Limits of Science

Has science overstepped its bounds in America? If it has it hasn’t happened overnight. It’s been a long time coming. Rudolf Eucken wrote about it at the turn of the 20th century. 1,610 more words