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Last week I had a perfect storm of technological failures that caused me to long for the “good old days.” I didn’t realize until then that I define the good old days as that period of time early in my life when I wasn’t dependent on modern technology. 2,884 more words


"Edna in the Desert"

Edna in the Desert (eLecto Publishing, 2013)

Edna is a spoiled Beverly Hills 13-year-old. She’s wreaking havoc at school. Her therapist suggests medication. Instead, her parents send her to spend the summer in the Mojave desert with her grandparents. 65 more words


Looking for a job when you’re disabled can be difficult, but it shouldn’t be impossible

I accept that I’ll never work a 9-5 job like most people, but I should be able to make my contribution to society without barriers being placed in my way. 1,078 more words

An obstacle called modern technology

Yep, that’s how it is.
The idea was to use an audio interface (I mean an external soundcard; not sure if it’s the right word) to record myself with better audio quality. 215 more words

Double Bass

Modern Technology to Warm an Old Home [Infographic]

Older homes are great to live in, but sometimes their charm comes at the cost of heat efficiency. This loses you heat and can make your home less green and more expensive to run. 225 more words


I'm going "dark"

“I’m going dark”.   That sounds so adventurous, doesn’t it—something out of a spy movie.

Before I clarify what I mean by it, I want to let you know that I’m not referring to a “Star Wars/Darth Vader” kind of thing, you know, going to the “dark side”. 289 more words


Guy #55 - Post-orgasmic cam session cool down.

When it comes to technology I always lag behind.
I survived the 1990s without internet. I didn’t get my first cell phone until 2002. I held on to this Nokia heavyweight until 2012, when Guy #115 gave me my first smartphone out of pity. 715 more words