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#7 the small things matter

Hello everybody,

I’ve just graduated from school. Yay. Of course I’m happily yaying, no need to ask but after my graduation dance at the beginning of July I was bloody sad and cried like every day. 227 more words


15 situations where I wish Siri would ask 'are you sure you want to do that?'...

If you have read this other blog post of mine ( If not: what are you bloody doing?? Get reading!) you will probably already be aware of my slightly obsessive addiction to technology and basically the Internet..so now I’ve come up with a list of times it would be really great if Siri could tell me to stop doing something stupid… 256 more words


Auction-bed, internet.

The witch is floored !

Was it a draft in the tent at Castletown Summerfestival, or just a change of temperature as the doctor suggested? Either way I am in bed with a throat infection, a cold and an aching ear. 763 more words


On Linking Policies

Up to this point in my life, I had never heard of anything called a “Linking Policy” before, at least not that I could remember. However, after learning of the existence of such a thing and looking into it, and seeing what sorts of reasoning is behind it–what sorts of things, exactly, it is intended to prevent–I believe that I understand the sense behind it, perhaps even, I ought to say, the… 1,718 more words

Public Speaks 101: the Tech and the Peops

Modern technology = Convenience

The Internet provides a lot of advantages and disadvantages regarding how the current technology affects us. It has given a variety of answers as it has undergone extensive research and studies. 565 more words

Electronic Newsroom

There is one piece of technology that I miss and wish it would be still used the way it was used when I was younger. Telegrams, I wish this service would be still around and used, maybe not on an everyday base, but for special occasions.

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Daily Prompts

A Lament for the Past

What is it with people and computers? Are we not capable of thinking for ourselves anymore?

A few days ago I went to collect some tickets from a place that I shan’t name for fear of offending the proprietors but let’s say it was the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee! 314 more words

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