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iPad for residence in aged care or nursing homes

Technology can really make life a lot easier for seniors to stay in touch with family. However, for many senior citizens, keeping abreast with modern technology can certainly be a challenge. 86 more words


The Sad Information Superhighway

It’s amazing how the internet has modified the mechanics of hatred and negativity. Aside from allowing groups of arse-hats to project their nonsense further across the globe then was previously possible, it has more importantly shifted the responsibility of said hatred. 835 more words


So, Technology Isn't All That Bad...

If you ever bring up technology, I know a LOT of people who will annoyingly groan and tell you that technology is useless and time-consuming and brain-washing. 388 more words

Could technology end mankind?

One of my favourite topics from this module was on Understanding Technology.Technology is all round us and is evolving faster than we are. We live in a society where we are constantly attached and striving for the lasts must have gadgets, from smartphones,iPads and tablets. 154 more words

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You are never too old to learn!

More Proof That Elderly People Should Play More Video Games

What’s the Latest Development?
When groups of generally healthy medical patients aged 50 and over were instructed to play a video game that increased in difficulty and complexity with each new level, researchers at the University of Iowa found that they gained years of cognitive processing improvement after one year of play. 39 more words


In House vs. Outsourced Mobile Development Team - Vital Pointers

Since its inception, mobile technology has traversed a long way. I bought my first cell phone at 17 and its application abilities were quite confined to simply the then-famous ‘snake game’ and a simple alarm clock with other basic stuffs. 468 more words

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