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Do Dreams Mean Anything?

Some of us remember our dreams when we wake up, and we have heard what others say about those dreams.  However, like the Moody Blues, we decide… 441 more words

Cold Turkey - Day 1

Guess what I had for breakfast…? A very Instagram-worthy chia seed pudding with banana, nuts, crumbled bliss balls, and coconut sugar. I had the strongest urge to document it, which is ultimately quite embarrassing to confess. 277 more words


One flight down...

So here I am. Banana in hand, glass of baileys and ice by my side. Bit of an odd combination I’m aware but Emirates are feeders so I’m pretty full. 326 more words


Imagine a World Where...(Part 1)

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Imagine a World’, taking a look into a hypothetical universe where certain conditions change. On occasion these will be merely satirical, but often these universes will revolve around a concept which do not seem too far-fetched in the near future. 411 more words

Brazuca- The ball that came to life

Social Media has become an essential part of many brands activation’s in recent years, due to the potential volume of people these mediums can reach, alongside it’s relative cheapness. 313 more words

Modern technology, LOL

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A slightly more serious blog at lorieb.com  includes articles on the things I am most passionate about, such as health & wellness, current events, my wheat allergy, relationships, parenting and more.   45 more words


When I don't desire God (and 8 ways to help)

When I lack the desire to pray or read the Bible there’s a problem. My mind turns into a thick fog, unable to hold firm to the truth I profess. 787 more words