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By Serena Lipscomb: Lifestyle Editor


Technology has always been a concern throughout history. Throughout the 17th century Enlightenment period, technology was a concern for society. 483 more words

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Two Bookstores, One Book :(

I haven’t gotten out to a bookstore in a bit. We have gone to bookstores because they were nearby where we were at, but to travel to a bookstore for the bookstore alone has been a while. 627 more words

Daily Thought

Henry IV and the Holy Grail

12 May 2016

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that I am a great, great fan of Monty Python. Python is truly the second-best piece of culture ever born in this scepter’d isle. 356 more words


Let Him Die For't

6 May 2016

Guess what this is.

A bronze golf ball? You’re half right.

Clue: the dimples are numbered from 1 to 154. Any help? 433 more words


Why I Don't Own a Smart Phone

I swear, if you told me that I am considered a millennial, I must have missed the memo.  If this post appears to be a shameless act of self aggrandizement, as I brag about my lack of dependence on the latest and greatest in technology and not being one of the “sheeple”, then, that’s exactly what it is.   1,565 more words

Culture War

Too many tabs open, LOL

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Zip it Up!

Today is the anniversary of the patent of one of the most important inventions of the last century, an invention that would completely revolutionise our everyday lives. 131 more words