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Public Speaks 101: the Tech and the Peops

Modern technology = Convenience

The Internet provides a lot of advantages and disadvantages regarding how the current technology affects us. It has given a variety of answers as it has undergone extensive research and studies. 565 more words

Digital Journalism

There is one piece of technology that I miss and wish it would be still used the way it was used when I was younger. Telegrams, I wish this service would be still around and used, maybe not on an everyday base, but for special occasions.

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Daily Prompts

A Lament for the Past

What is it with people and computers? Are we not capable of thinking for ourselves anymore?

A few days ago I went to collect some tickets from a place that I shan’t name for fear of offending the proprietors but let’s say it was the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee! 314 more words

Crazy World

Old people and technology don't mix

Every time I fumble with an appliance in my kitchen or press the wrong button on my smartphone, my kids say this is why old people shouldn’t have modern technology. 456 more words

Importance of Hiring Computer Network Services for Your Businesses


Computer networking is utilized to unite different gadgets or clients. The gadgets will have the capacity to join with the servers through the networks. Servers are utilized for administrating the clients and the frameworks. 547 more words

Infrastructure Support

Are You Looking for a Computer Network Services Provider?

In the event that you maintain a business association, you extremely surely understand the significance of PC network running with no inconvenience. In the event that your network encounters issues which prompts pointless downtime, this will mean a loss of business efficiency and also potential income. 809 more words

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Social Media; a new way to your business

Social media has come it way next to our doorsteps. From the most simple activity of our life up to the biggest event happening is being posted or shared through Social medium. 679 more words

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