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How About

I’m taking a little evil pleasure in Cyndie’s report that she spotted a lot of fox tracks along the southern trail yesterday, because I know there are no longer any easy pickings to be had here. 322 more words


Skype for Business

I am a late adapter to a lot of modern technology and personally relatively new to Skype and Skype for Business over the last few years. 312 more words



This blog runs the risk of annoying more people than usual, but sure that rarely stops me! The recent events involving ‘Cambridge Analytics’ and Facebook have caused a widespread mix of shock, indignation and panic. 1,048 more words

Modern Technology

Can A Computer Be Racist ?

We all like to think that we are open minded and not unfairly biased against any one or any thing. Being biased against individuals because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender etc. 707 more words

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Showing Up

Okay, readers – it’s that time of year again. You know, the time of year when I climb up onto my high horse (pun intended) and lecture the students of the world about one thing or another that’s risen to the rank of my current pet peeve. 880 more words


Google knows everything, LOL

Google knows everything – frightening!!
Says it all doesn’t it? They’ve got you covered:
– Hello, Gordon’s pizza?
– No Sir, this is Google’s pizza. 320 more words


The Truth Is Out There....Somewhere!

Social media allows all of us to communicate with all of us. One of the upsides is we all have a platform to be heard, while one of the downsides is that…we all have a platform to be heard. 450 more words

Modern Technology