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I'm Really Bad At Gaming!

“I used to be better, I’m sure I did. Didn’t I?” This lamented query originated from a night of gaming with my mates. Now this gathering isn’t as prevalent as it used to be due to the respective obligations we all adhere to in our varying degrees of maturity, but its a convergence we attempt to organise on convenient rotation. 774 more words


Announcement: The Real Suicide Squads

Announcement for the next two weeks in honor of the suicide squad trailer being released we will being doing a whole bunch of post and essays about the real suicide squads of the world. 14 more words


An evolving environment: Hybrid vs. Article 5.

While Russia manages to seize the moment with the Minsk agreement 2.0, Putin already has a map wide open on his desk, drawing further strategies and probably preparing new occupation scripts. 1,412 more words

Modern Warfare

Our Withering Heights...

It’s style over form. Image over content. The bright sheen of glam over the commercially viable next round. We trap ourselves in the same game, same pursuits that rabble and revolve around us to maintain staus quo decorum and distraction. 333 more words


Reflections on Power Projection

The armed forces’ role in future operations and the integrity of NATO and EU borders implies a close observations of facts and figures, not only for the preparation and efficiency in any kind of military operation of… 1,522 more words

Modern Warfare

The Upside of Down: How the U.S. Wins by Losing Wars

When Sherlock Holmes first met Dr. Watson, the fictional detective famously declared: “You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.” Holmes deduced from Watson’s wounds and post-traumatic stress that the doctor must have served during the Second Anglo-Afghan War of 1878-1880. 711 more words


Dana Milbank: The U.S. plays whack-a-mole with the Islamic State

Washington Post — In the beginning there was Operation Overlord. Then came Operation Rolling Thunder, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Now the fight against the Islamic State has introduced a new concept into modern warfare. 65 more words