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Modern Warfare Trilogy coming to PS3 and Xbox360

What’s this? A Modern Warfare trilogy all in one bundle? Why yes, yes it is! News broke today of a Modern Warfare Trilogy bundle coming to last-gen consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 17th. 141 more words


Does Infinite Warfare deserve all this hate?

Call of Duty is a cultural phenomenon. Not only do the games sell million of copies, but they also define the formula for pretty much all the First-Person shooters that are around. 463 more words


“Slay Dragons, do noble deeds and never, never give up.”

You can read history, you can learn about history, or, like Lt. Col. Robert Brown, you can make history.   The magazine he created, Soldier of Fortune… 1,239 more words


People jumping on the Call of Duty hate bandwagon

There was a time, when I was a much angier person, that would have been reveling in the fact that the new Call of Duty trailer is becoming one of the most disliked videos on Youtube. 692 more words


Upcoming Events for NAM SENSE Author Art Wiknik

Arthur Wiknik’s memoir NAM SENSE – Surviving the Vietnam War with the 101st Airborne Division has been on the market for several years and it continues to resonate with a wide range of readers as well as being recognized by the entertainment industry.  354 more words

Military History

Understanding Modern Warfare

Dr Ian Speller and Dr Christopher Tuck

Next month, our multi-authored volume Understanding Modern Warfare will be published in its second edition by Cambridge University Press. 837 more words

Can Call of Duty get out of this Infinite downfall?

Bad publicity is bound to happen, its the way of life. Even when you the organisation does its best they can still have a bad PR problem. 340 more words