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Pentagram Tarot Readings for May

As a new month approaches I have a limited number of spaces available for small “month ahead” tarot readings, focussing on aligning with your higher, spiritual self and finding balance in the month of May. 341 more words


A Calling of The Circle: Part Three

A Calling of The Circle
Part Three

I call to you fading sunset
Join this circle of the turning year
Your soft blue light
dripping the western sky… 63 more words

Bella Basura

Day 13 – NaPoWriMo

A Calling of The Circle
Part Two

I call to you hot midday
Join this circle of the turning year
Your burnished red light
Climbing the Southern sky… 63 more words

Bella Basura

Modern Tools for Ancient Arts

The Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

The coffee maker not only saves time, but brews flawless infusions, decoctions, and washes. Here are a few tips for using it in magickal efforts: 670 more words

Kitchen Witchcraft

Characteristics of the Modern Witch

Despite the persecution associated with witchcraft, the practice has continued for centuries, although the majority was taken underground. With modern society becoming more open-minded and accepting of different beliefs and practices, many witches are choosing to share their craft with others. 394 more words

Wendy Saunders

5 Daily Tarot Practices for the Time Poor

I get it, sitting down every day to make time to read tarot cards for yourself is pretty unrealistic for a lot of people. I understand because I certainly don’t do any kind of in depth tarot reading on a daily basis. 860 more words


March Moons

It’s another new month, the third month of our year, March, and with it, come two Full Moons, one today in Virgo, and another on the 31st in Libra. 1,184 more words