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What Kind of Witch Are You?

The world is full of witchy women, and men identifying as Witches too, and these Witches come from many walks of life, cultural backgrounds, and religious persuasions. 1,491 more words


The Sojo News: Modern Witchcraft Classes begin tonight!

Introduction to Modern Witchcraft Classes
Your year of personal evolution begins tonight!

Call 252-758-7656 to save your seat!

Join us for a 6 week introduction, offered to students over 18, 383 more words

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Colour Experimentations

I felt like I was going over the same ground though – I’ve done line drawings with Brusho too many times before. It seems odd to do now but I think the Major Project is a good opportunity to experiment. 396 more words


Grey Magic - J T Lawrence Review

No one appreciates the irony of her situation more than Raven Kane: she’s a burnt-out witch. Raven is a hip, hexing-and-texting sorceress – or at least, she used to be. 364 more words


Major Arcana: Sketches

Since my last post, I’ve been powering through the major arcana – researching meanings, interpretations, existing cards, making mind maps and sketching like mad! At the moment, these are very rough sketches just to get some ideas down on paper. 290 more words


What is Modern Witchcraft?

Since writing in my Major Project Brief my target audience for my tarot deck will be modern witches, I’ve been asked what Modern Witchcraft is. At the time I couldn’t think off the top of my head but since then I’ve compiled a list of what modern witchcraft is (at least, in my humble, tiny opinion in a sea of opinions..): 315 more words