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Glamour: When the Mighty Fall

A few years ago, there was a time when a “pagan leader” I’d once admired for his accomplishments as a teacher, witch, priest, and esteemed writer, fell from grace in a most horrible manner. 644 more words

Modern Witchcraft

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Something Wicked This Way Comes

When following the crooked path, one sometimes comes across dangerous beasties, nasties, nargles, and malignant monsters. It’s dangerous to go alone. But there are allies, guardians, and protections we can call upon to safely traverse all realms. 943 more words


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An inspired bit of magick by Joy Leaf in preparation for our Beltane Grand Sabbat Camp-out last weekend. First she made the wards, and then she was crowned May Queen! All hail the Queen!

White Witches – The Mystical World of Modern Magic

The term ‘white witch’ was coined so that the general population could begin to appreciate witches, who throughout history have been persecuted because of their association with being evil. 437 more words

Wendy Saunders

How to be A Witch

 If you want to be a witch, the truth is: you are one.

     Just like that.  You don’t have to own a broomstick or adopt a cat or sacrifice a goat.   1,872 more words

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New YouTube channel launching!

Howdy folks!

Here’s the first brief intro video that’s on my new YouTube channel, I hope you can give it a like and leave a comment to get it touch, and it would mean the world to me if you joined me by subscribing to my channel for free on YouTube. 130 more words

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