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Major Arcana: Sketches

Since my last post, I’ve been powering through the major arcana – researching meanings, interpretations, existing cards, making mind maps and sketching like mad! At the moment, these are very rough sketches just to get some ideas down on paper. 290 more words


What is Modern Witchcraft?

Since writing in my Major Project Brief my target audience for my tarot deck will be modern witches, I’ve been asked what Modern Witchcraft is. At the time I couldn’t think off the top of my head but since then I’ve compiled a list of what modern witchcraft is (at least, in my humble, tiny opinion in a sea of opinions..): 315 more words


Witchcraft in Modern Music

The image of the witch runs deep in feminist and female-centred art. In today’s current climate, a potent and fascinating shift is happening in the use of this witch imagery in pop music. 951 more words

Modern Witchcraft

The appeal of Witchcraft to women

The tradition of witchcraft has a rich history that is consistently and continuously correlated with girlhood. Consider the story of Betty Parris and Abigail Williams, whose accusations of witchcraft sparked the Salem Witch Trials. 2,343 more words

Modern Witchcraft

Folklore, Magic and Mysteries: Modern Witchcraft and Folk Culture in Britain

During the October half term, I visited Preston Manor in Brighton in order to see the temporary exhibition on Doreen Valiente, an English Witch who was responsible for writing much of the early religious liturgy within the tradition of Gardnerian Wicca. 1,299 more words

Modern Witchcraft

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WTF Have They Done To The Moon?
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The moon is our closest most visible heavenly body and has had influence on human culture for millennia. 46 more words

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Sick witches & badly drawn runes

Thanks to three whole days of vertigo and vomiting, this sick witch has put her magickal foot down.✨