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Addition of a photograph to the Skull Collection page

A photo of the complete collection as it existed in Argyle St until 2015

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New image in the Gallery

Encapsulated talismanic construct of found materials, consisting of outmoded serveillance technology. height 3 inches. Bella Basura 2014.

Enlarged image here

Bella Basura’s Gallery Index here 6 more words


Have I gone mad? I'm afraid so...

This morning I’ve been thinking about “relative oddness.” I realize that I must sound crazy as a loon to the folks who do not experience the world the way I do, nor hold the same world-view.  1,776 more words

Modern Witchcraft

Creating Sacred Space: Calls of Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, The Sojo Circle participates in the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service alongside our Abrahamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Secular Humanist, and Unitarian Universalist neighbors. I’m proud to say that a member of our circle is now the Director of the Interfaith Alliance of Eastern North Carolina, so we feel right at home in their lovely services. 548 more words

Modern Witchcraft

Hail Mercury!

Mercury Retrograde times are so handy for appreciating how much technology improves modern business practices, until it doesn’t. I share with you now a charm of my own creation that, for a short time, either improved the situation, or at least improved my perception of the thing. 193 more words

Modern Witchcraft