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Modern Women

So we’ve all seen or been that girl tucking down her dress at the party, stumbling into a restaurant in high-heals, “suffering for fashion” or feeling overall uncomfortable but not completely regretting the wardrobe choice based off what we’ve almost been taught to think “this is what men think is sexy”   In my opinion its almost outdated to dress uncomfortably, when I think of dressing for men I think tight corsets and painful heals….when I see a girl outside a night club in the middle of winter in a tight tank-top dress with heals these days I wonder “wow she must be in pain…who is she doing that for…why would she choose to wear that?” and unfortunately most of the time the answer is going to be “trying to look good or impress a man” the truth is, the thing that shows off most about someone is their confidence, which is typically most easily read by someone’s body language. 94 more words


Orange Spiral, Going Up

What an absolutely gorgeous staircase.

A modern spiral with vivid orange and white. 

When I look at this, it’s almost as if the staircase is in motion, like a spinning drill bit.  79 more words