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Dream Apartment Inspiration

My dream apartment and my dream house couldn’t be more different from each other. I want my house to be sophisticated and light, and my apartment to be moody and sleek. 1,287 more words


My heart is wider whenever visiting the Tate modern 

every time i went to tate modern – i felt my heart wider – it’s a feeling with a broader view of the world – it’s a feeling of more tolerance of the uneasiness in the reality here – i went there early morning around 10am where there’s nobody at the cafe – when i came out the sun was shining on the wet ground and the bubbles are flying across the thames… 228 more words


Garnett-Jane | Written by: Steven Leitch

Book One:

“Thank you, your Honor” I announced softly from the witness box. The words seemed surreal leaving my lips. After all we had been through, how could this be part of the plan? 1,694 more words


City Mazes: Control Room 54

Oxford, Feb 2017

City Mazes: Control Room 54

I should note up-front that there was a third of this game that I didn’t directly see, since for a large part of it the team is divided between two rooms, and I was shut in one small office while my two team-mates dealt with the adjacent area. 855 more words



Everyone knows Stockholm and Gothenburg but very few know Sweden’s 3rd city Malmo! Very up and coming with hipster feels, Malmo is very interesting place. 286 more words