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Some Free Advice

My manager knows I want to be a leader and has been steadily pushing me in that direction for the past two years. Aside from nominating me Arizona Library Association (AzLA) Emerging Leader (which I won), having me do a poster session at their annual conference last year and allowing me to try her position on for size (it’s too big!), she has also guided me into participating the AzLA Mentoring Program. 230 more words



i’d rather not know
what is leftover after
electric snow melts


You're going to have to face it you're addicted to Jund

Hello fellow Magic players!

I hope you are all well, and have been enjoying Amonkhet. As many of you know I don’t play Standard, but I do play a lot of Modern & Legacy. 1,169 more words


Improv with Geometry

I got a little tired of Weather Warning.  It is 80% complete, which will do for now and I will come back to finish it off soon. 162 more words