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On "Muslim Assimilation"

On “Muslim Assimilation” –


Islam is the most diverse religion in the history of human civilization. It will soon be the largest. And yet even within this diversity and size, we remain the only faith whose vast body of believers have maintained meticulous fidelity to the precise movements and words of our rituals for 1,400 years. 289 more words

Notes And Reflections

Inter-Generational Recap: Curtis's 'HyperNormalisation'

A quick note while watching (halfway through with the feed paused as I type): the Curtis documentary is one helluva time capsule hitting all the keys for the ‘Boomers’ now in the process of passing the western torch to perhaps drug-addled or money-crazed (or both) next population of inhabitants of the democracies.   45 more words

Conflict - Culture - Language - Psychology

Female Skateboarders and the Modern Day Flâneuse

It’s hard to imagine Baudelaire’s concept of the flâneur as a being of leisure and non-committed observance fully embodied outside of the male sphere. … 898 more words

Recent Confucian News: Fundamentalists Boycott Foreign Festivals

Although mainstream news outlets continue to focus on America’s Trump administration, tensions around North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, and the Israel-Palestinian and Syrian conflicts, over the holidays there were also developments in the spread and practice of Confucian philosophy. 636 more words

Confucian In The Modern World

It is the Truth! 

Truth is one of those things that everybody says they want, but in reality, people are not all that interested in it when it actually shows up. 547 more words


On Peace on Earth

During this past Christmas season, I found myself meditating on the concept of “peace on earth”. Peace between nations, peace between people, peace from war, and peace within. 294 more words


A Critique of Modern Civilization

One only has to look around them to see something has gone horribly wrong with society. People are clinging desperately to blind fantasies to find some reason to stay alive and not fall into a dark depression. 568 more words

Anarcho Primitivism