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Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (In the name of Allah)

Since I’ve become more comfortable wearing hijab, I enjoy putting together outfits.  I struggled to locate places to purchase clothes and scarves at first.   309 more words

Dear Christian men - it's not my fault that you find me sexy..

Dear Christian men,

It’s summer time and once again, you’re engaged in a battle for your mind. It’s everywhere – the short skirts, the crop tops, the see through leggings, the cleavage, the too short shorts. 845 more words


Humility and Modesty

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Hippie Stink

Feminine and Modest

It used to be challenging to feel right in a skirt, until lately. Like most females, a waistband might have fit one day out of a month … the length depended on how it fit everywhere else, and the heavier fabrics and jean skirts made me feel like I was walking around in a heavy cylinder.   393 more words

Edie Bauer

Modest Outfits Part 1

I know that in this day and age modesty is almost seen as a thing of the past. On t.v. and magazines women are wearing very skin tight clothes with short bottoms and scooped neck lines. 474 more words

21st Century Fashion

Wardrobe Wednesday

Well I’m well and truly into my last trimester. I thought I’d give you all a fill in on how my wardrobe is currently feeling. 553 more words

Wardrobe Wednesday