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Low Cut High Tops Are Raising Hell.

On February 5th, Low Cut High Tops, Seattle’s own digital punk, one-man band, released his 10-track album, Eh, Whatever. David Burns shaped the entire album, allowing him to totally immerse himself into every lyric, beat, and growl. 108 more words


Day Thirty-Five: Modest Mouse 'The Lonesome Crowded West'

Don’t know how I feel about these guys.

On one hand, I wasn’t really feeling the music. On the other, they are so popular and influential on modern bands that I’m actually a fan of that I want to give them credit there. 58 more words


When was the last time an album immediately impressed you?

I listen to a lot of albums that don’t resonate with me and just don’t grab my attention.

But you keep on, and you find ones that do. 187 more words

When You Feel A Bad Cold Coming On

And though you should be in bed pumpin’ dat vitamin C you end up savoring your last hours of respiratory clarity and making this.

Happy February, friends.

[OG version]


Matt's Favorite Albums of 2015

In the same spirit of my Favorite Songs list (click that link), I’m opting to go for “my favorite” instead of “best” albums. As I’ve shifted more and more to consuming music via singles, an albums list gets harder and harder. 1,486 more words


The Most Important Thing I Learned in 2015

So, this is a post that I have been wanting to write for a while and I actually have two other things that I learned that I want to post about as well. 1,052 more words