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Life Like Weeds

Dad taught me the art of bullshitting, and he also taught me not to bullshit him. We’re a lot alike, though I’ve pushed into the cold and isolating unbreachable fortress of emotion within. 147 more words

Never Ending Math Equation

I remember seeing Dad cry three times in my youth. The first was when they went bankrupt when I was six. His face was in his hands on the couch in the living room. 180 more words

Song of the Day - Missed the Boat

Missed the Boat, by Modest Mouse

Looking towards the future
We were begging for the past
Well, we know we had the good things
But those never seemed to last…

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Concerts at The Metropolis

The Metropolis is a concert venue, downtown Montreal. Its located right on St. Catharines street. Its got that old style theatre heading right outside. The building is old, but a good old. 350 more words

Music Friday Prompt #17: "Float" by Modest Mouse


How was your week? For me, Thanksgiving break promises a slower routine–at least until the family arrives! Do you have any interesting rituals or food that is prepared during the holiday season? 483 more words

Modest Mouse @ The Ted Norfolk, VA 10/24/15 Hipster_Approved Photo Journal

These are a few of my favorite photos from the concert. It was a great show and I think if I stopped taking photos I would have to leave the front area up with security… So I pretty much just shot pictures the whole time I was there. 125 more words


Playlist Week: Cody

By Cody Kenner

These songs are merely in alphabetical order by artist. I love them all equally, and they’ve all been an integral part of my life at various points, so I couldn’t bear to rank them! 632 more words