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KXSU DJ Realizes She’s Been Talking to No One in a Dark Room for a Whole Hour

Basement of Campion Hall — Three-quarters the way through her shift in the KXSU studio, DJ Trisha had a bit of an existential crisis: She found herself awakened to the fact that she was sitting alone in a dark room, looking at a computerized playlist, and talking into the obfuscated, obscured, and endless abyss that was her microphone about some indie band from the 90s that no one knows about. 194 more words

Seattle University

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Artwork by Grace Guimond, Feature Photo via Nouse


My "Chill" Playlist

This may not have been the type of post I expected to be writing, but I do think that music plays an important role in people’s lives. 781 more words



I’m sitting there lost in thought when above the swarm appears one phrase louder than all the rest. I sub-vocalize the thoughts screaming to be said and out comes song verses that sum up exactly where my thoughts have explored. 602 more words