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Childhood Mega Drive PAL VA6 Restoration Project

Childhood #SEGA #MegaDrive PAL VA6 restoration thread (going to be a long one).
This starts with my main PAL VA4 Mega Drive recently refusing to turn on.

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SEGA Mega Drive 32X - Switch-less 50/60Hz Modification

My #SEGA #MegaDrive #32X@ConsoleMods pointed out that really I should be looking at switch-less for 32X modification. Previously, I'd not been aware of a stand alone solution, only slaved to the Mega Drive's installed PIC to control region (which I've never liked the idea of) …

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Repairs And Servicing

PC Engine SuperGrafx - RGB Modification Repair

Previously modified #PCEngine #SuperGrafx in for repairs. Unit has no power.

Let's have a look: Inside we can see the DIN has been replaced with an 8pin 262° SEGA style and it's missing the composite video capacitor but the amp is only a 3 channel?

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Repairs And Servicing

SNK NEO-GEO AES - BIOS Installation Repair

Another #SNK #NEOGEO #AES 5V model in for repairs. This one was supplied as not working. No short detected but watchdog timer kicks in on boot.

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Repairs And Servicing

SEGA 32X - Damaged 315-5788A & Repairs

#SEGA Mega Drive #32X PAL system in for repairs.

This unit has had a 50/60Hz switch installed that has sadly been ripped out by accident, taking away the main trace for the region selection pin.

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Repairs And Servicing

Sony PSX DESR-5500 - Repairs & Servicing

Sony #PSX DESR-5500 (Japanese PS2 DVR) in for repairs & servicing. Currently the system does not appear to be able to play #PS2 discs. pic.twitter.com/haHRzpJMqg…

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Repairs And Servicing