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EO-based trends in the non-green woody vegetation component

Satellite records show that the earth is getting greener during recent decades. Yet, trends in the non-green woody vegetation component have not been addressed due to the intrinsic properties of  commonly used remote sensing data. 318 more words


NASA's PACE mission will uncover new information about health of our oceans

July 21, 2016 – NASA’s Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem (PACE) mission is a first-of-its-kind project that aims to answer key questions about the consequences of climate change on the health of our oceans and their relationship with airborne particles and clouds. 740 more words

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Be careful with long-term NDVI trend analysis

Here are the results of an evaluation of the popular long-term NDVI data sets (GIMMS3g, SPOT-VGT, LTDR, VIP).

  • Feng Tian, Rasmus Fensholt, Jan Verbesselt, Kenneth Grogan, Stephanie Horion, & Yunjia Wang. 
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Downloading and processing MODIS with fast and free tools

Here’s a simple way of processing MODIS: downloading, extracting the bands from HDF as GEOTIFF, merging tiles and reprojecting. Area extraction, NDVI calculation, cloud filtering and more can be done in GRASS for example. 682 more words

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Recent woody vegetation trends in Sahel

Our new paper looks at recent dynamics in woody vegetation in Sahel and finds some interesting patterns which are mainly controlled by human population density. 352 more words

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Assessing Future Vegetation Trends and Restoration Prospects in the Karst Regions of Southwest China

Our latest article is not located in the Sahel, however, the method to assess the future persistence of vegetation trends is highly interesting in the context of ecosystem stability and resistance. 476 more words

Research Results

Finding Coverage Overlap between Radar Altimetry, SAR, and MODIS Imagery

Recently, I had to plot coverage overlap between Radar Altimetry, SAR, and MODIS imagery for a research proposal. It was an interesting little problem, and I want to point out the resources that could be helpful to others in solving a related or similar problem. 427 more words