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Content Management Systems

Before this section, I had no idea what “content managment systems” meant. I’m sure many of you are wondering the same things. According to the video we watched this week, a content managment system is, “a way to build a website on a platform that already exists.” There are thousands of these types of systems. 211 more words


Psycho Killer

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Content Management Systems

CMS stands for content management system. A content management system is a tool that allows websites to upload content quickly and easily. You don’t really have to know anything about technology to operate a content management system. 177 more words


Kalandok 2: X2 - Castle Amber

Akarod játszani mostanában vagy jövőben ezt a kalandmodult? Ha igen, akkor a III. pontot, és az alá tartozó alpontokat ne olvasd el!

Château D’Amberville – egy igazi, ikonikus kaland; … 3,965 more words



For today’s lab we read about cms’s and what they are used for. Cms(content management system), is a system designed to organize and to keep track of all content on a website. 242 more words


Choosing the right CMS for you.

Decisions, decisions. We all have to make them every day. What to wear, what to eat, whether or not we should go workout. There’s more complex decisions to be made sometimes, but they don’t have to be so intimidating as long as you’re informed. 361 more words


Accessing the top-level global from a module

Recently, a co-worker was fighting with a tool that uses python.  When it was first written, it used python 2 for its basic configuration (and a bit more), but most of it was written in C++.  598 more words