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Stormguard: An Island Frontier

I was about to start writing a campaign report for my current Stormguard test campaign when I discovered that I haven’t posted the map of Stormguard yet. 1,717 more words


INF3705 Advanced Systems Development :: I'm starting exam prep now

This module is about software engineering, so if I go into the recesses of my mind (or pick up my old textbook), the concepts from Information System 3 back in 2010 are still buried there somewhere. 247 more words

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How to create and publish npm modules for Nodejs applications

This tutorial is mainly catered for Windows users. If you’re feeling lazy and you just want a code example, visit my Github repository

For creating and publishing an npm module, you will need two things: 436 more words


EG3602 Vacation Internship Programme Reflections

My holidays have been absolutely dominated by my Vacation Internship Programme, or EG3602. In fact, my internship is still ongoing, and will last all the way till the National Day weekend. 605 more words


QE-E70 - Qseven - Intel® J1900/N2930/E3845 CPU Module

  • Qseven R2.0
  • Intel® Atom™ E3845 or
  • Intel® Celeron® J1900/N2930

20/07/2015 - Course Continuation

Today I continued on with the course for Angularjs that I had found on Codecademy. I learnt a little bit about directives. I learnt: 87 more words


How to Create a Module




var app = angular.module(‘<appname>‘, []);