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Website Customization

Now it is time to design your new website on Weebly and there are so many different styles to choose from. While designing your website it is important to keep in mind the main purpose of your site to be sure it is organized properly and stays on track. 284 more words


Organization is Key

Hey there!

While creating the layout of my new Weebly website, I began to realize how time consuming the design process is. Designing a webpage requires you to take a step back from your work and see it from another’s perspective. 352 more words


PowerShell Modules Central - Share with community - What PowerShell modules are you using?

Like the blog post title states this is all about sharing with others! My idea is to share with the community which PowerShell modules you are using. 645 more words


Module 3

Let me start by saying that I do not believe Weebly to by my friend. I remember taking a web design class in high school. We coded everything. 300 more words


Module 1: Old Greeks and New Art

The ancient Greeks, Plato and Aristotle had very different views on art. Plato believed that art should serve a higher purpose by promoting the values of an ideal human society. 408 more words


Weebly Setup

I think that the detailed instructions and the easy to use navigation really made the process easy and useful to learn web design. Weebly was very easy to set up and it looks like it is going to be a fun and easy process setting this website up. 154 more words


High School Part II (I have a website now!)

Hello, all. You might be wondering what high school has to do with me having a website. Back in my junior year of high school, my AP English teacher told us that she had her own website, through… 178 more words