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Facebook Shop - TOP PrestaShop modules comparison

Facebook social network community is the most important, most popular and most valuable community. It’s worth to start merketing campaign there due to the large popularity of this network. 185 more words


Natural Dyeing 

I want to link my dissertation in with this project and try be as sustainable as I can in my designs. I’m trying to get the colours right at the moment but instead of experimenting with normal dyes I wanted to use natural dyes to see the outcome on different fabrics. 205 more words



A relatively easy way to make cube-shaped diffusors with a heat-wire.

And another idea, using a solderstation and a 12 gauge guitar string

An upcoming arduino project? 6 more words


Trigger Engine

The Trigger Engine was derived from the launchpad. A Novation Music product which allows the users to trigger samples and loops loaded into Ableton. Similar in design the trigger engine uses ASCI keyboard mappings which are basic keyboard mappings to GUI objects in max/MSP. 127 more words


Reverb Module

Sound design, relies on the discretion of the designer to create a sound scape which is accurate to the atmosphere of the scene. This creating by manipualting the sounds to achieve the right fidelity. 244 more words


Market Research - South America's culutral Inspiration

Following my decision to make a collection for Spring/Summer 2016 I gathered various trends and colour palettes that influence the path I want to take. The tribal South America theme I am going for is an Artisan look with a Bohemian style. 527 more words


The wireless question

Making the OSCAR wireless at a low price is turning out to be a challenging task. There are several standards and modules available with varying price range. 512 more words

OSCAR Startup