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AgilePorts—An Unique Design for Connection on Arista 7150S-64 Switch

In order to meet the requirements of demanding environments such as ultra low latency financial ECNs, HPC clusters and cloud data centers, Arista launched a series of switch—Asita 7150S, including 7150S-24, 7510S-52 and 7510S-64. 677 more words


Channelling Ed Ruscha

While waiting for the next module to begin, we have been tasked with creating a series of photographs in a small book that have been inspired by Ed Ruscha. 644 more words


Common Curriculum Reflection

Of the modules taken in my first two years of education in Marketing at SUSS, the Common Curriculum was an unexpected pleasure to undergo. Exposure to the multiple aspects of humanities and sciences had granted me a broader horizon in thinking out of the box and being thorough in my analysis and elaboration. 495 more words


CCO103 GBA Critical Readings

Chosen Topic: To Impose A Ban On Reading On All Children


This group assignment dictated that a sartorial point of view was to be adopted to tackle a seemingly ridiculous issue. 131 more words


How can non paid, external staff or PhD students get staff access to modules?

Non paid, external staff or PhD students often need staff access to modules to teach or grade and must get a staff IT username to use specialised tools such as Turnitin. 132 more words


Fetac Level 5 Child Care Modules Online Games

Fetac level 5 child care modules online games

You may enrol and pay online by logging on to our college FETAC Level 5 This module will enable the learner to relates to working with children between Children in Care; Early Years Level 5 and 6 Open University and to be counted in the Level 3 ratios. 241 more words

New Resource Available on the Treatment of Behavioral Changes in Persons with Dementia

When faced with a dementia diagnosis, it can be difficult to determine the best course of care. CATCH-ON staff and partners developed free online education that: 97 more words