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Our first sound generator

Woof Woof !

Bacon ipsum dolor amet shoulder ground round kielbasa, sirloin turkey t-bone shankle jowl spare ribs andouille prosciutto. Bacon frankfurter strip steak, t-bone cow jerky cupim fatback landjaeger tail burgdoggen porchetta meatloaf ball tip. 120 more words


"Encounters in the Savage Frontier"-D&D5e Module Review

Encounters in the Savage Frontier is a collection of 24 short and unique encounters to spice up your D&D game’s encounters.  This collection has been put together by a collective of amazing writers of the Dungeon Masters Guild: Jeff C. 716 more words


Find and Zip All .py Files

This is a program for finding all .py files in a directory and zipping them into a single folder.  We can substitute any file extension (.doc, .xlsx, .dxf, etc.) that we’d like to search for, but in our example we’ll use .py… 245 more words


New upload schedule!


Seen as though I go back to University next week, I’ve decided to upload twice a week as I will be busy with University work from 4 modules, as well as still working my two jobs. 48 more words


Python SQL Server driver on Linux

So you have packaged your SQL monitoring and maintenance routines into a web server and demonstrated it all works from your computer. Impressed they ask for it to be put on a proper server – a Linux box. 272 more words


Emily's Preparation for Leeds

“You really love the U.K don’t you?”

“What gave me away?”

My desk is full of English postcards, a Jane Austen cross stitch, copious amounts of English Literature, John Lewis stationary, monarchy memorabilia, drawings of Shakespeare, a red telephone box, a Doctor Who Tardis and a couple of stray Twinings teabags (I always leave them in odd places, on the upside it really gives you something to brew over). 502 more words


Virtual environments in Visual Studio

A virtual environment in Python is a folder with everything needed to set up local configuration isolated from the rest of the system. This allows you can have modules installed locally which are different or do not exist in the global Python configuration. 693 more words