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Mœbius, Mead, and Miyazaki Inspired This Beautiful Student Trailer

by AJ Adejare

What a beautiful trailer.  This student’s trailer depicts the legendary Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki, as well as uses his inspirations, Jean “Mœbius” Giraudto and Syd Mead and Miyazaki to guide this trailer. 99 more words


Woodland Grace Moebius re-pub

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Knit Picks, this moebius scarf has some wonderful new pics — same pattern just a brand new look! The pattern will be available through Knit Picks’ IDP program shortly and the new version is available through Ravelry, Patternfish and LoveKnitting!


Moebius (2013)

This film was very well thought out and imaginative. It was disturbing on SO many levels and although it featured no dialogue the actors were able to portray their roles and situations convincingly, proving that you don’t always need dialogue to tell a good story. 251 more words


(New Album Review) DeLyria- Opus 7

Here is another excellent release from my buddies at the Portland-based label Lifelike Family: DeLyria’s Opus 7. DeLyria is the project of producer and musician Dan Key-DeLyria. 274 more words

France Creators from Zig et Puce to Mœbius. #AtoZChallenge

France. The list today could go on forever, but it won’t. What I will do is give you a few that jump out at me. If I miss a favorite of yours, my apologies. 841 more words

A To Z Challenge-Comic Creators Around The World

moebius sculpture

late last night I started on a new sculpture project, a Moebius Band made of wire-netting fence … and I’ll make this a photographic challenge as well: