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to eat the arc

when we arrived at the

gorgeous port at sunrise, he asked

where the ticket office was.  she told him to

step on the sand and… 32 more words

Over the Clouds

The Chilean 40-centavo “Dirigible” issue with art by Moebius.


Review: Moebius Book 9 - Stel

In this final volume of Moebius’ collected works, we follow the story of Stel from the Aedena arc, and we get to witness the most majestic of Moebius’s visuals. 399 more words


As this New Zealand 4-pence points out, the use of goggles predates the use of Google. Art by Moebius.



The Austrian 10-groschen “Cat” stamp (8-groschen for postage, 2-groschen for charity) with art by Moebius.


Gravity Rush: The Franco-Belgian Tradition, via Japan

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Gravity Rush series is its aesthetic.

As we noted last time, director Keiichiro Toyama’s desire was to create a game that, while still recognisably Japanese, incorporated elements from other locales in order to create something that, in theory, would be universally appealing across the world. 2,123 more words


Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I wish I could sit here in my lederhosen, wood clogs, and stein full of warm beer and say I’ve been hip to Krautrock since I was a stellar Midwest teen. 814 more words

Coffee Tunes