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Awareness & Pain

It’s awareness season.

The Moebius syndrome community is all about awareness right now, talking about facial expression, smiling, every heart euphemism you can imagine.

I’m doing it too, but I’m also imploring a different kind of awareness. 184 more words

More Art From JMM: Elizabeth Whiteley and Clayton Shonkwiler

The gallery area at JMM was full of interesting work. Here are two more excellent examples.

Elizabeth Whiteley work is often related to botanical drawing and painting. 277 more words

Mathematical Art

Twisted stitcher or: The art of tinking

Know the feeling? You select the appropriate size circular twin pin, remove the paper band from a fresh, new ball of yarn, cast on stitches for what seems like forever and finally join to start knitting. 121 more words


More fun with Dirichlet convolution

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus for the holidays! Last time we saw how the principle of Möbius inversion arises from considering the function from the point of view of Dirichlet convolution. 208 more words

Number Theory

Benjamin Noys, Lyotard, Baudrillard and the liquidity grid of capitalism (Notes Quotes)

For Benjamin Noys, as Lyotard put it, “desire underlies capitalism too“, then the result is that: ‘there are errant forces in the signs of capital. 274 more words


Möbius inversion

In my last post we saw that , that is, the Möbius function is the inverse of with respect to Dirichlet convolution. This directly leads to an interesting principle called… 515 more words


Dirichlet convolution and the Möbius function

Recall from last time that the Dirichlet convolution of two functions and is written and defined by:

where the sum is taken over all possible factorizations of into a product of positive integers. 252 more words