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Random Moetry

Seen by Windows

A moment through the grey night

I hear the curious whispers of the air

Little glimpses of ailing amber light

Dancing together as a nightingales love affair… 121 more words


Random Moetry(PoetryMoods)

Peek a boo

Peek a boo do take a look
Keep them tight just like a book

Tickle me and poke my nose
Hide behind a fingers pose… 130 more words


Super Moon

You feel so close tonight

closer than every before

as if you are

just a sigh away.

Bright, full

bulging, swollen,


I could lie here forever… 137 more words


Luminous Tears

I had been taught to never cry
and I stood there as the water dripped from my face
pools of it building up on the floor below… 32 more words


Clouds before my eyes
blocking that which is important
pools of selfishness in my heart
clogging the arteries of selflessness
a taste of poison that devours… 37 more words

...Something different

This is a Poem made through Song Titles. Deeper than one would typically think, as the lyrics of the songs also coincide with the poems meaning. 104 more words

Steve R Shirk

Instant Star

It’s February 28th and I decide to drive down to Hollywood for the day. I decide to grab some coffee at the w sunset boulevard coffee bean and tea leaf, not because they have great coffee… Oh no no no no no… This particular coffee bean and tea leaf had one thing that day that the rest didn’t have…. 1,089 more words

That's Life