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Chaos at Gun Point

This was in response to a shooting that happened at the university that I attend, and I was right across the street from it.  These were my thoughts, my first reactions, what I felt, and what I saw. 387 more words


Thief of the Night

I look to you
with longing
a need so intense
it can only just be satisfied.

Clouds scurry across
your beguiling, dazzling gaze
as if saying no, 67 more words


Moon Ride

I would ride him
be the devil on his back
cling to his silvery flesh
rear upwards until we were taller
than the earth itself… 36 more words


The Eye of the World

I saw him tonight
the eye of the world,

he was poised so perfectly
a crescent of beauty

he looked like a white flame
nestled on a slow burn, 127 more words



This is an a piece from the archives, some of my earlier writing.

November 15, 2014

He cut into your soul
someone who makes you love him almost instantly… 413 more words


Construction of Words

April 24, 2016

I have a thing about words
And how they are constructed and formed by lips
To fit into these spaces
With supposedly no limitations… 346 more words