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How Mozilla Pays Me

When I told people I was leaving BlackBerry and going to work for Mozilla, the first question was often “Who?”

(“The Firefox people, ${familyMember}” “Oh, well why didn’t you say so”) 634 more words


Things I've Learned Thus Far

It was bound to happen. I would learn new things. I had some initial thoughts about parenting that I thought were perfect. I had some initial thoughts that turned out to be true. 1,081 more words

BIG NEWS - And a launch in Melbourne!

I have news … lots of news!

HEADLINES for busy people who don’t want to read all of this POST 

– Josh has a new graphic novel called Swallows Part One… 356 more words

Australian Comics

9/9 ...and this is crazy...

So…woke up too late to do any kind of healthy thing at all, played some wow while eating breakfast, got cleaned up and made up and went to work. 94 more words

golden glitzernde Raum - und Zeitreisen

Der bärtige Mann neben mir hustet mir eine Wolke goldenen Glitzer ins Gesicht. Das fällt kaum auf, zumal meine Absurditätssensoren 1.bereits überlastet und 2. bereits voll und ganz auf den nackten goldenen Hintern der sich an meine Hüfte schmiegt konzentriert sind. 382 more words

On The Road

USA 100% Renewable Energy by 2050?

It can happen. Visit http://thesolutionsproject.org/ to learn how.

From – http://www.tcetoday.com/latest%20news/2015/june/us-could-use-100-percent-renewable-energy-by-2050.aspx#.VXm8wflVhBc

“THE US could feasibly convert to 100% renewable energy by 2050 using existing technologies, according to a group of researchers from Stanford University. 75 more words

[Poem]: Beast - Mofo(@only_mofo)

She laughs more than usual,
but you can see the pain in her eyes
She tries to be chatty,
but you can see her withdrawing without her knowing. 93 more words