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What does Namaste mean? Well… When I first started practicing in the Yoga studios the instructors always ended by saying “The light in me honors and recognizes the light that is in each of you. 670 more words


The Most Epic Family Roadtrip Ever

Since I started this blog, I feel like the Lord, in his unquestionable sense of humor and love, has allowed my life to be a series of stringed together unfortunate, embarrassing, and awkward events…. 1,290 more words


Trust me

 It was the hustle of the early morning. We never seem to quite wake up early enough.

My two older kids frantically eating cereal, brushing hair, and getting supplies out to make lunches. 1,146 more words



We sat in a pizza restaurant, a very rare occasion for us new parents and still newly weds by most people’s standards. Hardly a penny to our name. 557 more words


"Bigger than a Fat lady in heels"... Out of the mouth of babes

I belong to a worldwide church with over 15 million members. Every six months we have what is called general conference, where the worldwide leaders speak to all the members giving advice, counsel, inspiration and motivation. 853 more words


"Wait on the Lord"

I knelt by my bed and prayed, I pleaded.

Then I was quiet. My head slumped into my hands as my body lowered to the floor and I sobbed. 1,114 more words


Change, achieve, and become


Yesterday I posted this picture to Instagram (@mymogilife) with this quote:

“desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.”

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