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There is a discussion afoot (and apparently has been for a couple of years) about what to call this community. It has been through many iterations over the years. 221 more words

Trans Journey

Ford Foundation funding dries up as Modi clamps down on NGOs

A leading global charity has frozen $4 million in funding to India, squeezing aid to the poor, after a clampdown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on donors deemed to be meddling in domestic politics. 683 more words


Our Little Frenemy

I Peeled out. Speeding. Racing.”Hi this is Allie, Is Quincey at the school?”
“Hmm well, let’s see, I don’t see…”


“I was supposed to pick her up! 1,213 more words


...But what if I "Fly"?

Several months ago, I was approached about doing a yoga teacher training course to become a certified yoga instructor or to at least simply learn more and deepen my practice. 1,413 more words


Oh Babylon

Last week I was sitting in the Chicago O’ Hare airport as the news skipped from the devastating news of the earthquake in Nepal, to the terrifying crime and looting taking place in Baltimore, to the war in the middle east to a man who was being praised as a “role model” for adults and youth, as someone who is “embracing” who he is by completely changing who he is… Seems ironic. 1,981 more words



What does Namaste mean? Well… When I first started practicing in the Yoga studios the instructors always ended by saying “The light in me honors and recognizes the light that is in each of you. 670 more words


The Most Epic Family Roadtrip Ever

Since I started this blog, I feel like the Lord, in his unquestionable sense of humor and love, has allowed my life to be a series of stringed together unfortunate, embarrassing, and awkward events…. 1,290 more words