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Pairon Mein Bandhan Hai, with gratitude to Dr. Anjali (Marwaha) Oza, who introduced me to Bollywood film through Mohabbatein fourteen years ago…


Generation Gap of a Father

Yesterday I was watching Mohabbatein (with a voice in my head saying Aditya Chopra ruined Dead Poets Society) and suddenly started analyzing Bachchan’s character. It also reminded me of… 581 more words


Bollywood cosplay for a theme party - Mohabbatein

We had a Bollywood themed party at work and I had to figure out a character to dress up as.

I started off by looking up on search engines for ideas but realised they were either really difficult to do or they were just not exciting enough. 139 more words


Vaadiyon Mai..!!

वादियों मे हुस्न यूँ न घोलो तुम,

के किसी ने कलियों पे सवेरा कम बिखेरा  है।

चांदनी सी शीतल, पर सूरज को जलाती,

उफ्फ !! ये खूबसूरती तुम्हारी…


Ae Zindagi !

के काश हकीकत कुछ जुदा होती हकीकत से…. बहती ज़िन्दगी के हम दो किनारे न होते।

ऐ ज़िन्दगी बाँहों में भरले मुझे… के काश जीने के लिए नज़रों के ही बस सहारे न होते।