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Handspun socks in use 1 & 2 PLUS Knitting in a patch

I thought one thing I could do to complete the feedback loop on the toughness or otherwise of my sock spinning would be to ask people I’ve given handspun socks to whether they could return them for inspection.  908 more words


The Red Mohair Knit

I recently learnt of the word ‘autumnal’.  Ask me why it took nearly 28 years to discover this and be met with a dumbstruck shrug. Here I am representing my native American-English to Belgians, and all I can say to describe a whiskey cocktail with bitters, cinnamon and clove smoke is “OMG it’s so Fall!”… Autumnal. 464 more words


Works in progress

We always have works in progress. There can never be enough yarn or project ideas. The grey beanie Maria was making last week would go very nicely with the grey vest Margaret was making while she wasn’t well last week. 120 more words


New York Regional Yarn Sourcebook & Make it with Wool

Over the past few months, I worked with a team of designers, fiber scientists, and educators to develop a New York Regional Yarn Sourcebook to increase the visibility of diverse farms and stimulate greater interconnections between local farms and designers. 404 more words

Nature & People

Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta & Spinzilla

Over the weekend, we had the great opportunity to participate in the Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta that formed to support the local fiber and arts community in San Diego. 343 more words


What Has Knitting Got To Do With Training?

I like to knit. I’m not a good knitter. I don’t know how to do any fancy patterns. What I knit are blankets, warm, soft blankets. 1,466 more words

The Goat Diaries