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Mohair - Orthogenous 2-ply Skein

The name of this assignment cracks me up because my spell checker doesn’t acknowledge orthogenous. What is an orthogenous 2-ply skein? In this case, it’s one ply spun from mohair and the other ply spun from wool. 238 more words


Mohair Assignment - Spinning for end use

During the mohair unit, we discussed end use. One of the assignments is spinning a yarn geared towards a certain project. We had to draw our projects out of a hat. 903 more words


Mohair Assignment - Blend using kid

I’ve been prepping mohair all week and while I’m not ahead of the game, I’m not crashing and burning either. There have been a couple of kinks thrown in like two snow days in a row. 936 more words


Mohair Cardigan by pret a faire

It is well known in my family that it is notoriously difficult to buy presents for my mum.

Each year the conversation goes something like this… 590 more words


Happy 2017!

UCWDC World Championships

Although the holidays are always fun, the calm and return to routine is always nice. We’re back from Nashville and the UCWDC World Championships. 503 more words

The Farm

Mohair Assignment Warm-up and Self Pep Talk

I’m sure I’ve mentioned a condition I have called Perfection Paralysis. Symptoms include negative self-talk, procrastination and anxiety about the task you have at hand never being good enough no matter how hard you try. 264 more words


Wot I did on my holidays

I’m trying to think of the last time that I had anything like a holiday. Not having any spare money, I can’t afford to travel by bus let alone jet off on an airplane somewhere warm and glamorous. 715 more words