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Yesterday, the Japanese journalist left Aleppo after spending seven days in the city where he lived like Syrians do live: no water, no electricity, sleeping on the floor and welcoming barrel bombs..and as soon an explosion comes to happen, he would jump like a monkey – he’s 47 – camera in hand and start running after Civil Defense men…without even thinking of his shoe laces. 290 more words

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Aleppo 後藤健二さんを祈る終夜集会 ( 写真と動画 )

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Last Year, Kenji Goto waited almost one week on the Turkish-Syrian border crossings looking patiently for an opportunity to get in Syria to report on Aleppo’s suffering under barrel bombs. 116 more words

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Friday Prayers for Egypt: Deep Wounds


When all is not well the wounds can go deep. Continued health demands paying attention.

The Muslim Brotherhood has stumbled badly. Tripped deliberately or drunk with power, their wound still feels fresh to many. 381 more words


Mohamed Mahmoud 2014. Chained and desperate.

This morning it took me forever to move from bed, I struggled with the seasonal mental circus to get myself ready.

“I have to get up and get ready to work, and afterwards I will head to Mohamed Mahmoud street memorial!”……. 511 more words

Self Conversations.

The way we were (November 2011)

Another in the “Lest we forget” series. Because There is a need to remember how it was and disallow opportunity to the junta that wants to repaint the way events unfolded. 1,408 more words