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Chocolate Chocolate Pudding Cake

I love a good most chocolate cake but they are not easy to find. Last one I had was so dry it crumbled all over the plate and had to be washed down with a huge glass of milk. 227 more words

For The Love Of Food

Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

I forgot how much I loved carrot cake until I revisited this recipe. It was like seeing a long lost best friend and not being able to get enough. 619 more words


Red Velvet Cupcakes

I have a very good sweet tooth. Very. It’s good at demanding cake, cupcakes, tarts – anything sugary. The problem is that it’s just The Husband and I so when I bake, we end up eating ourselves into near-diabetic comas. 583 more words


chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter bacon frosting

makes twelve cupcakes

i have a friend, cy, who eats like no one i’ve ever seen. he’s happiest in a state of food coma, stomach contentedly protruding and eyes drooping shut. 226 more words

Lamb, Pork and other yummy things

This lunchtime I prepared such a scrumptious lunch.  We were at Hooi Kraal Slaghuis again and we bought meat for the weekend and ordered half a lamb!   146 more words

Sweet and Moist Northern-Style Cornbread with Honey Butter

When my brother graduated from college in upstate New York my husband and I drove down to help him pack up and move out. My brother – a fellow foodie – took me to one of his favorite cafes and there I got a cornbread muffin unlike any I had before. 381 more words


Wet Wipes can't claim they're flushable anymore

Anyone who has ever dealt with a clogged drain—only to find the culprit is one of those “flushable” wipes from Costco, CVS, Target, or BJ’s—has cause for celebration. 196 more words