Beauty for Your Hands

Hand beauty is something I have thought about but only get a good hand cream and manicure and that is it. Think about how the skin on our hands is used. 259 more words


How I Use Coconut Oil

Within the last few years it seems like people were recommending coconut oil for everything. It is a great oil to cook with but it also has beauty and skincare benefits as well. 577 more words


Day Spas: Popular body treatments

Are you in need of a little bit of “you” time? Would you like to take a few hours to escape from the real world? Would you like to be pampered yourself, instead of you doing the pampering for someone else? 617 more words


Arabica Coffee Scrub

Anti Cellulite – Stretch Marks – Spider Veins – Wrinkle – Detox

Arabica Coffee Scrub is perfect for your morning shower. It is 100% natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients and has the distinct aroma of coffee! 105 more words

Skin Care

A Few Tenets

May 6, 2016, Phoenix-  This one comes a day late, mostly because I was at three different places today, and had to think about sleeping, instead of writing.   279 more words