Horror movie director Wes Craven dies at 76

LOS ANGELES (AP) — It’s hard enough to redefine a genre once in a career, but horror virtuoso Wes Craven managed to do it twice. 749 more words

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Rose Water Toner

Using rose water as a toner is a wonderful way to keep your skin healthy.

It keeps the skin soft and moisturized.

It evens out the complexion and makes the skin bright. 34 more words

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Your Carefree Pregnancy with ElaQua!

Our ElaQua team decided to make a very informative post for all Future Mommies who nervously read one article after another with the hope to find everything possible. 582 more words



Hi guys. Someone is feeling a lot under the weather today but decided to share a post. I hope your week’s been great so far. … 517 more words

Braid Out How-to

Have you ever had a family member that attempted to give you some type of advice for forever (that you never took… bloop!) and then you realize later that maybe you should have listened to them? 426 more words

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Coconut oil...

Coconut oil is an amazing oil to use for both your hair and your skin!

At first I only used coconut oil on the ends of my hair as I had really dry ends; this really helped the ends of my hair look a lot healthier. 244 more words

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5 Tips for your 5 Toes

You always take care of your most important parts of your body especially for face,hairs, keeps and eye on your belly too
but the most important you don’t care about taking care for your feet also. 615 more words