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Is Minecraft Dead?

By Olek P.

Minecraft, the quintessential sandbox game that everyone has played (or at least heard of), is nearing twenty million purchases on PC alone (as of May 2015). 312 more words


Microsoft should bundle Minecraft with Windows 10, not Candy Crush Saga

By Zac Gooch

because smashing blocks is a lot more productive than smashing bits of candy

You may have heard recently that Microsoft plans on including mobile-gaming hit, … 1,846 more words


Gamescroller News Debrief: 19/05/2015

Hello there fellow gamers and welcome to another News Debrief!

In case you missed yesterdays’ releases and indie showcase post and you’re too lazy to scroll back a day to find it, click the link below! 135 more words


Minecraft is Yourcraft: New Livestream Series

Like any good fable, this story has a lesson. Once upon a time, I created a new Minecraft world on the Xbox One. I spent hundreds of hours building and building, creating a spawn house, automatic farms, a functional lighthouse, and a railcart system. 196 more words


Youth @ The 25th UN-Habitat Governing Council - 4th DAY - WRAP UP!

Youth Caucus – Wednesday – 22/04

Today we kicked off our Youth Caucus with a presentation about “Youth and Urbanization – A strategy for youth in UN-Habitat” 975 more words

Head To Head: Minecraft PC vs Minecraft Xbox One


Hello, and welcome to the closest thing us Lazy Gamers will come to a fight club- Head to Head. The concept is simple, I pick five major differences between the two combatants, and I pit them against each other- the highest score after all five rounds wins. 1,269 more words