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Minecraft free for Northern Ireland secondary school

Free copies of sandbox survival game Minecraft will be given to every secondary school in Northern Ireland.

More than 200 schools will be supplied with the game, along with 30 libraries and other community organisations, … 145 more words


Minecraft: The movie may have its director

Minecraft is a well known as a million players, with the huge success it is. In February, the company  Warner Bros has acquired the rights to use the title “Notch” … on the big screen. 97 more words

Minecraft 1.7.10

Minecraft, the film: the director leaves the project

Last February,   Warner Bros. was the acquisition of the rights to bring Minecraft 1.8.2 and Minecraft 1.7.10 on the big screen. There is little time that we had discussed the Shawn Levy talks to direct the film. 98 more words

Minecraft 1.7.10

Do you know Minecraft

Do you know

First released as an Alpha in May of 2009, Minecraft quickly became a prime example of Indie development at its best. The game, a virtual sandbox, has garnered much support and a huge following online. 346 more words


Turkey is (probably) Going to Ban Minecraft

After an investigation conducted by Turkey’s Children Services General Directorate, the country is prepared to issue a ban against the sale of Minecraft within its borders. 338 more words



Minecraft is a great game and you should buy it if you don’t have it already buy it here


Ok so you once you buy it you can make servers (You have to buy it on other websites) 43 more words


Gamescroller News Debrief: 11/03/2015

Hello fellow gamers and welcome to another news debrief, the section that delivers gaming news to your face faster than a lemming shot out of a cannon! 107 more words