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MC:PE Boss Updates!

I personally love the feeling of defeating a boss for the first time in Minecraft, however that’s been a very tricky thing to do for Minecraft: Pocket Edition players, in update ‘0.16’ 2 new bosses are being added… 204 more words


'Minecraft' Is Getting New Boss Battles This Fall

It doesn’t scare my 4-year-old as much as Herobrine in Titan’s clever “Lego Minecraft” YouTube flicks, but The Wither is coming to the Windows 10, Pocket Edition and Gear VR versions of… 419 more words

Oil Barons part ONE? is out NOW!

Hey everyone thank you for watching our previous videos we are glad to say that Oil Barons our one shot is out on our channel now!



A New series, Oil Barons

Seppin and Rek travel to the Tekkit universe with one goal. To be the greatest and most richest people ever known in their own series. They will take as much oil as possible.





Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition update adds support for Oculus Rift | ActualizaciĆ³n de Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition viene con soporte para Oculus Rift

[EN]: Now that the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition update adds support for Oculus Rift, gamers can experience the virtual reality version of their favorite sandbox game. 241 more words


Minecraft comes to VR via Oculus Rift next week

Minecraft in virtual reality: It’s a dream for fans of the immersive crafting and world building sim, and it’s going to be a reality for Oculus Rift owners starting next week. 229 more words


Minecraft Story Mode Review

Oh Telltale, you stupid, stupid sods. A while ago I did an achievement unlocked article on this a while ago and at the start of that I said it was pretty damn terrible. 598 more words

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