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Bloomberg suggests Apple has lost its supply-chain mojo over iPhone X

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

A Bloomberg piece points to weak sales by several key Apple suppliers, and suggests this is evidence that the iPhone maker has lost its famed supply-chain management expertise. 463 more words


Podcasts and why they matter

This semester I am taking Audio Documentary and learning all about podcasts, as well as creating a couple of audio pieces on my own. For that reason, I think that podcasts should also be part of the skills students learn in journalism courses such as Multimedia Storytelling and the journalism capstone course at Appalachian State University. 325 more words


Flavours of Life ; Balance it out

This tiny corner of my Kitchen with glass see through containers holding spices, each with its individual taste and vigor.The most interesting part is if you change the ratio of one to another, it may give a completely new flavor, isn’t it intriguing? 138 more words

Open Your Mind

Hey Guys! This was a video recording assignment that could be any topic of our choice. I went with the idea “Open your Mind” which consisted of a couple of questions that are often not talked about to really challenge the people involved.
Hope you Enjoy!


Response: Dr. Perreault and Niche Reporting

On Wednesday Dr. Greg Perreault visited our class and talked about his experience with covering the religion beat, which he has been doing for about one to two years. 381 more words


Marvel Comics Psych Ward: Mojo


By Tim Stevens

Marvel Comics Psych Ward: Mojo

As the Mojoverse invades Manhattan, Marvel.com’s resident therapist profiles the villain. 560 more words


Faith Beat - NY Times Article


The NY Times article, “California’s Wildfires Remind Us Natural Disasters See No Race or Class,” is a great showing of what a journalism article revolving around faith can be like. 156 more words

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