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Transport Workers Union protest of the Federal Government ambolishing the Road Safety Remunation Tribunal

Yesterday, over 200 truck drivers and the Transport Workers Union invaded the streets of Sydney accusing the Federal Liberal Government of ambolishing the Road Safety Reumeration Tribunal. 27 more words


Where is he?

So, after all the dramas of the previous week, last weekend I finally went on my date.  We went for a walk along a beautiful beach and then went for lunch in a village pub.   956 more words

It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It

'MOJO's role in 21st century journalism.

Over the last decade ‘MOJO’; mobile journalism, has become more prevalent within society allowing news outlets to reacher a greater target audience. Much in part to the rapid rise of social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat, it allows for content to be uploaded to the internet by not only journalists or ‘mobile journalists’, but also the common multimedia users which generally provide an ‘eyewitness’ point-of-view. 220 more words


Self Esteem, Self Image and Character

I’ve been working at “trying” to lose weight for almost ten years.  Very recently I have hit rock bottom and accepted that I have ALLOWED MYSELF to fail over and over all these years.  461 more words

Grilled Mojo Mahi

We are experiencing an influx of Dolphin (Mahi) in our area!  Local fishermen are bringing in literal boatloads of fresh fish.  We like it best on the grill (of course, don’t forget that it makes amazing fish tacos).  276 more words

Lost my Running Mojo

The last couple of weeks have been an on and off relationship with my running.

I have restarted my daily cycling commute to work and that is making me even more against the running. 62 more words


Google Maps Didn't Waste an Earth Day Opportunity!

This Earth Day, explore our beautiful planet with Google Maps.  https://www.google.com/maps/about/treks/#/grid   

The main page gives you a selection of extraordinary places to visit.  Click on one and take a virtual vacation that will remind you of the glorious place we call home and how important it is to keep it alive and healthy. 122 more words