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The Dream Team

Biscuit’s mission in the last few years was to bring a little more humor, kindness and wisdom to the world one sign at a time. He loved the time we spent doing the signs — he felt important, heard and well fed. 152 more words



Miss O and Mojo try out their sternest faces but no one is buying it!

Thank you Mindy and her family for lending Mojo to our daily comic strip!


TECH News: A Worthy Tip of the Hat!

In publishing this site, I get to see plenty of new tech and gadgets.  Some great and some not so, but every now and then… 278 more words



People tell me they won’t have another pet after losing one. That they can’t go through another wrenching event of loss. I could agree, except that I love cats (and all animals) and would be willing to invest again in one or two. 104 more words

Wanted:healthy dose of butt kicking

As I get older I have become more aware of how my body works and what works for it. I have the luxury, now that I no longer have full-time employment, of being able to wait out bugs that lay me low, for instance, when in the past I would have been forced to fight through it and to struggle on in work. 404 more words

The Cork Board

Where are you now?

Dear friends,

Some questions. How long has it been since you have started to drift away from yourself? They say – sorry for being so corny – “a ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” I agree, but only partly. 178 more words


Welcome to a new adventure

Welcome friend,

Here you are, somehow stumbled upon this blog.

Find out who you are, what drives you, what excites your spirit. Read, write and wonder. 42 more words