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Creative Copying

Sometimes I am very inspired and know EXACTLY what I want to do, craft-wise.  Other times, I am clueless and spend ages just mucking about, not knowing what I want to do, and feeling rotten about it.   429 more words

Spring Forward, Fall Back

(Bear with me – there’ll be a blog post along in a minute 😉) 478 more words


#4 "Insta360 Air": 360°-Kamera für Android-Smartphones

Die Firma Insta360 hatte bereits vor einigen Monaten eine 360°-Aufsteckkamera für iPhones (Insta360 Nano) herausgebracht, nach einer erfolgreichen Crowdfunding-Kampagne auf IndieGoGo dürfen sich mit der Insta360 Air nun auch viele Besitzer eines Android-Smartphones über einen recht kostengünstigen Einstieg in die langsam an Fahrt gewinnende Welt der 360°-Kameras freuen. 2,078 more words


Monday Motivation| Help! I have lost my blogging mojo. (And despite looking forward to be productive today, I am failing miserably at productiveness.)

Hey there,

So for starters I just want to say, I suck. Despite the fact I have a shit load of plans, a shit load of ideas and half written posts and what not already drafted up, oh and time to actually sit down and write, the last few weeks, well I have kind of been failing, and sort of hating myself as a result. 574 more words


Maca Is Good for More Than Your Mojo

By Dr. Mercola Superfoods seem to be more plentiful today than they’ve ever been. One of the best, but lesser known, is an ancient root vegetable called maca, belonging to the same cruciferous family as kale and cauliflower. 131 more words