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TV News Reporter Caught Fixing His Hair With Spit During Live Broadcast, And Twitter Is Grossed Out

A TV reporter didn’t realize he was on camera when he gave his hair a quick fix — by spitting in his hand and using it to slick back his coif. 283 more words


Ken Pitt Mojo Obit

A short obit for Ken Pitt in this month’s Mojo magazine.



Mobile Journalism is the new form of journalism that is quick and effective for people all around the world. Journalism is collecting information and forming it together to create a news story. 444 more words


Podcasts & audio stories

Australians are among the world’s most enthusiastic makers, streamers, and downloaders of audio content, according to this feature in the SMH.

The best audio stories are scripted, and if they contain an interview, the questions are researched and written out beforehand. 307 more words


Blog post 4: Mojo

Mojo is a company which upholds the value of being a tool to enhance technology and digital users’ competencies. Mojo is a state of mind, or a philosophy, not just gadgets. 529 more words

MOJO: Mobile Journalism Used Everyday

Mobile journalism is the use of connecting small devices such as smartphones and tablets to produce and edit audio, video, photos, and multimedia stories for online and social platforms for TV, radio, and other media news outlets. 454 more words


Fashion MOJO

As the digital world progresses, we see new forms of journalism being brought in to help tell stories about the world we live in. Mobile Journalism, also known as… 427 more words

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