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Something to Push Against

It is natural to seek out the roadblock, the check-point, the official approval gate: someone whose job it is to green light your idea, give you your next gig, say yes. 122 more words


Motivation is an elusive mistress for sure. Regain your mojo with these tips

Motivation can be an elusive thing. One week I seem to have it in abundance & that’s it, I tell myself  I’m definitely going to reach my goals & everything seems infinitely easier, I’m organised, prepared, plan my meals & I’m raring to go & everything just clicks into place. 1,592 more words


Fuel your Mojo Beacon

Came across a beautiful mindful website today that is just a jewel of finds, thanks to Hey Sigmund for a fabulous mojo read, advice we just have to spread out with wings. 1,105 more words

Habit Changing

Cullman Encore Athlete of the Month, Morgan "Mojo" Smith.

Congratulations to Morgan Smith who was chosen as the Cullman Clinic Athlete of the Month. Morgan, also known as “Mojo“, is a 5’10”, sophomore, athlete at… 101 more words

204. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, March 23rd, 6:00pm
The Darkness (and MoJo) (and JoJo)

The Darkness sits at the window. MoJo takes the seat beside him. After a few stops, JoJo boards the bus. 192 more words

Short Stories