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Ever Wondered Where Your Mojo Goes?

Far far away, far far away.

Woke up this morning and your mojo was gone?  Sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered where your mojo goes sometimes?  782 more words

How We Roll

...us and us corporate media, redux: 'no, afghans wot done the slaughter'...

…and the world says, ‘ok’? not this time, nor the next…

How fare the Middle East and other Muslem countries? We have US foreign policy and diplomacy writ large, beyond even the wildest imaginings of Macbeth, 687 more words


Day One?

My intention last night as I set my alarm clock for 5.15am this morning was to glide gracefully from my bed, get dressed in my workout gear and venture out for a morning jog before the madness of my day. 292 more words


Zomato MeetUp at Mojo Kitchen & Bar

Lucky me! I got invited by email to come to Zomato Foodie Meet Up. This event is held at Mojo Kitchen & Bar, … 711 more words



FAR has single release of MOJO 1.october on all online music stores!

Open Mic for Songwriters at Mojo Blues Bar

Have you seen Rudderless? Or basically any american film where there is a scene with a preview for local musicians. Mojo Blues Bar seems like it was taken directly out from one of those movies and put in the very centre of Copenhagen city. 734 more words