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Who's taken my (writing) mojo?

It makes me laugh how some gay people call us breeders. It’s funny, I like it, it’s an endearing term to me. Yes I am one of the majority who see a major part of their life as breeding. 510 more words


Great Mojo With Money!

Isn’t it great when you have sunshine outside!

But it is even greater when it is cloudy outside and you can feel the sunshine in your heart! 164 more words


And the Money Mojo Shall Return!

So how does the money mojo return if it has disappeared?  Or what if you feel like you never had money mojo?  First of all, there are only four signs to watch for as you work on your mojo:   39 more words


More Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless

With the word “more” in the title, readers may assume this is a cook stretching the topic into crazier versions of recipes that somewhat resemble Mexican. 530 more words


Money Mojo...More Happiness in Your Life!

as far back as i can remember, i wanted to be happy, and that was never measured in dollars!

it took years in government and volunteer work before i really changed that approach. 196 more words


_78 Let Loose in The Snow in Bymarka


Route map here

This post is from a few weeks back, when there was still snow, but it has all but gone now (thankfully). 426 more words


I've got a confession...

I haven’t done any Dutch for…wait for it…7 weeks tomorrow. How bad is that?!

Even I’m appalled. Apart from my flirtation with the language in Breda the other week I haven’t even looked at it. 212 more words