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Talk About The Future

Here is an audio talk about the future I did with my classmates for a TAFE assessment hope you enjoy it.


Vox Pop 🎥- What is a text message you have ever sent and regretted ? 📱 📧

There has been a time at some point of your life when you have sent a text message or any message in general, and instantly wish you had never sent it. 17 more words


Vox-popping goodness

Vox pops are awesome.

There I said it. I admit that talking to strangers is an adrenaline rushing experience and take pride in my experiences so far. 578 more words


Nina taking her first sewing class

In an attempt of understanding better Ilaria’s explanations and the technical challenges our suppliers are facing I decided that it is about time to take my first sewing class ever! 90 more words


Back in the real world.

But things are not “back to normal”. I feel different, empowered in a sense. Might have to do with the fact that I actually did it, I went on my first solo vacation trip with myself and found out that I’m a fantastic travel partner – I’m witty, a mean shower singer, fantastic at talking to myself & getting the answers I want back & I am comfortable in my own company. 250 more words


Sounds like balloons

My personal mantra of late has been “Fake it until you make it”.

I admit, I’ve felt like a walking piece of roadkill and if I’ve broken down around you, I’m sorry. 67 more words


The day I lost my way

Today I want to share with you a very traumatic expurrience. 411 more words