Moldávia, um país (vínico) a descobrir

Foto acima: Simion Croitoru e a sua esposa Viorica Croitoru, oriundos da Moldávia e a viver em Portugal, proprietários da AtlantikDynamik, uma empresa dedicada à importação de bebidas deste país. 346 more words

EVS vacancy in Moldavia for volunteers from France

Equal chances for a decent future

Location: Comrat, Moldavie (Gagaouzie)

Period: 04/09/2017 – 30/04/2018

Deadline: 30 September 2017

For FRENCH only – Le centre spécialisé “Fidanjik” recherche 1 volontaire pour une mission d’animation et d’accompagnement auprès d’enfants handicapés 246 more words

Eastern European Cinema: Anișoara, Ana, mon amour, Western, On Body & Soul

Right now I am really moved by eastern – european movies from Georgia, Moldavia or Romania. Right now there is as well the film “Western” to see in the cinema by Valeska Grisebach, a German – Bulgarian story. 72 more words

August 7, 1917

Russians showing more resistance in Bukovina; they take the offensive on the Galician frontier and capture 300 prisoners. Further enemy progress in Moldavia north of Focsani.

European Theatre

The Danubian Principalities: National Memory from the Ottoman Era

Those that lived in the dark woods and mountains to the north of the Danube had long remained on the edge of autonomy. The Romans had defeated the ancient Dacians of today’s Romania in 106 AD, but the new Roman province of Dacia only incorporated part of these lands. 668 more words


The Good Life Elsewhere (Moldova)

by Vladimir Lorchenkov

Courtesy of a special order from Auntie’s Bookstore

A Little History: The country of Moldova is bordered by Ukraine, and Romania, of which it used to be part. 853 more words