Six bullets

This is a Van Damme action movie. It is named 6 bullets and you can watch it on the below link. Enjoy!

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Kiev's Moves Against Transnistria Are Anti-Ukrainian

Not content to merely blockade and shell its citizens in Donbass post-Maidan Ukraine is now also looking to squeeze ethnic Ukrainians in Transnistria

Transnistria president Yevgeny Shevchuk is one of Transnistria’s 160,000 ethnic Ukrainians… 740 more words
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The well kept secret of Miclauseni

Approximately 20 km after you exit the city of Roman, in Moldavia, on a countryside street on your right side, there is a small road which enters a hidden paradise – the Miclauseni Castle, known also as the Palace Sturza. 163 more words

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A fort and a story

“Pretty view”, he remarked.

“Yeah, it’s great isn’t it? It stirs all patriotic ravings you could hear about picturesque Romania or the gently flowing Ozana, as clear as crystal.” 3,073 more words

Simona Petrescu

A fort and a vantage point

They stopped as they suddenly came in view of a tall stone pillar about a hundred yards ahead. It was ten or fifteen feet thick and about sixty feet tall, and on top of it there was a small wooden bridge. 2,828 more words

Simona Petrescu

What Future for Europe's Eastern Partnership?

By Pierre Bussières

Carl Bildt of Sweden and Radosław Sikorski of Poland, the two leading architects of Europe’s ”Eastern Partnership” have just recently left the team. 808 more words


1715 - Provata

Between Karakalou and Lakkou Skiti lies the area called Provata. It is a settlement of a few larger kellions, f.e. Panaghia, St. George and St Andreou, witch were founded by mainly Slavic monks. 274 more words