Probota Monastery

Probota Monastery, founded in 1530 by the Moldavian ruler Petru Rareș, is one of the finest and most important achievements of 16th century Moldavian feudal art and architecture. 307 more words

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The Church of the Three Hierarchs in Iaşi

The Church of the Three Hierarchs in Iaşi is a valuable and unique architectural monument in Romania, a marvellous combination of Moldavian and Wallachian architecture. 561 more words

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The Princely Palace of Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Ruginoasa

The Princely Palace of Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Ruginoasa is a Neo-Gothic palace built in 1804 by the Sturdza family, now housing a museum dedicated to the Romanian ruler. 415 more words

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Sturdza Castle in Miclauseni

Built in Neo-Gothic style, Sturdza Castle was erected between 1880 and 1904 by Gheorghe Sturdza for his wife, Maria, in the village of Miclăuşeni, 65 km west of… 373 more words

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First Death by A. D. Starrling

Narrator: Michael Bower

Publisher: AD Starrling (2016)

Length: 44 minutes

Series: Book 0.1 Seventeen

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Set in 1570 in the wooded mountains of Moldavia, Lucas and his parents have a simple cabin home in the woods. 239 more words


Tesla ordua irratsaioa (12. kapitulua)

Kaixo entzuleok!

Atzoko programan, gure elkarteak aurki antolatuko duen III. Balkandar Asteaz mintzatu gara. Aurtengo Balkandar Astea berezia izango da, eta ez soilik egun bat baino gehiagotan egingo dugulako, eta ezta hiri batean baino gehiagotan egingo ditugulako ekitaldiak, baizik eta… 151 more words


50000 crimes against elderly in Sweden since 2009

Crimes against elderly people in Sweden is from 2009 – 50000 crimes.

What can be the reason to these insane numbers?

Is it the migrants from Eastern-Europe, who began to come in large numbers to sit and beg outside every Swedish store? i wonder….

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