Medieval inheritance of Moldavia

Bucovina has a rich history and it is the land of monasteries. It is a great destination to go all year round because there are plenty of amazing things to see in this region. 616 more words


3 participants for Training Course 'Learning to Learn' & 4 participants for Study Visit (Moldavia)

LEARNING TO LEARN: training course

For the training course ‘Learning to Learn’, 14th – 23rd October 2016 in Vadul Lui Voda, The Republic of… 544 more words



Rural, como não podia deixar de ser, tem como símbolo a árvore da vida e espraia-se em campos verdejantes e plantações de árvores de fruto, sobretudo macieiras e cerejeiras. 109 more words


23rd June - On This Day In History


1963 Colin Montgomerie (golfer)


1995 Jonas Salk (inventor of Polio vaccine) 

On This Day:

1990 Moldavia declares independence 

Have a good Thursday, 23rd June… 8 more words

Brancovan vs Moldavian: basics

The video is a basic guide of how to make the difference between the two architectural styles peculiar to Romania, the Brancovan or Muntenian in the south, in the principality of Wallachia, and the Moldavian in the east, in the principality of Moldavia.

Architecture Of Romania




An Art-shot after a color festival

I want to tell you in this perticular post, how I’ve discovered and felt Moldavia and it’s riches. 2,482 more words