23rd June - On This Day In History


1963 Colin Montgomerie (golfer)


1995 Jonas Salk (inventor of Polio vaccine) 

On This Day:

1990 Moldavia declares independence 

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Brancovan vs Moldavian: basics

The video is a basic guide of how to make the difference between the two architectural styles peculiar to Romania, the Brancovan or Muntenian in the south, in the principality of Wallachia, and the Moldavian in the east, in the principality of Moldavia.

Architecture Of Romania




An Art-shot after a color festival

I want to tell you in this perticular post, how I’ve discovered and felt Moldavia and it’s riches. 2,478 more words


Moldavia, entre la frontera y el conflicto (III)

Lo prometido es deuda como se suele decir y algo tarde pero tras superar varios compromisos ineludibles nuestro compañero Savićević nos deja la tercera entrega del articulo sobre Moldavia. 4,437 more words


4 Myths That Every Moldovan Believes

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Well folks, I’ve been living in the Republic of Moldova, otherwise known as the Poorest Country in Europe™, for over a year now, and am slowly starting to get an understanding of this country. 1,144 more words