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Kitchen diner – the cornice...

Next on our list of things to do was to choose the cornice and the ceiling rose for the single pendant above the dining area. 195 more words

Victorian House

Bathroom – restoring the door…

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Victorian door. Over the years it had been painted and re-painted with layer upon layer of horrible paint, until one day it was not very beautiful anymore. 122 more words

Victorian House

The Finishing Touch Commissioned For Award Winning Design ‘The Eyrie’

The Finishing Touch were commissioned by Vibe Design Group to supply mouldings for the award winning design for The Eyrie.  The challenge to transform a large, ungainly and unfinished building into a stylish home and quasi gallery was met with aplomb by the designers. 206 more words

All Out of Square, Goffano Part 3 (where we look at feet)

I swear, this is the last one!

By 1509 some of these cassone have gotten quite intricate. This example of a gilded goffano made for the wedding of Francesco Maria I, Duke of Urbino, to Leonora Ippolita Gonzaga is damned impressive. 899 more words


Selecting a Door Style for Your Kitchen or Bath: Part 3 of 4

Recessed Panel.  Recessed Panel doors work well in ‘transitional’ kitchens, mixing elements of contemporary and traditional styles.  A recessed panel door can be as simple as a Shaker door or it can have detail on the inside and/or outside edge of the door frame.   149 more words

Day 34 - Boarding & Boxing

Another day that I’ve missed but the progress is clear to see. Tutu and CousinDan cracked on and got the remaining plasterboards on the wall, filled the living room fireplace hearth form with cement (which we then decorated) and used the self level screed to flatten out the dining room hearth. 112 more words


Guest bedroom – the plastering…


I love the plastering stage, it is always such a turning point for a room.

We got our pals, Earl and Elvis, back to install new cornicing and a ceiling rose. 143 more words

House Renovation