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#57 Happiness is seeing a Venus holding a living ermine

Today I saw this lady that had an ermine as a pet. It was the first time that I saw such situation and also such animal live and in colours… She was walking it with a specific leash like any other pet. 54 more words


Moldova trippin' over

Ah, bless! Throughout a decade of Eurovision participations the Moldovans never fail to deliver something, well, unusual. This year they have been gracious enough to facilitate the participation of the absent country Ukraine, by selecting… 311 more words


RetroMai la Vatra [RO]

Salutare dragilor ;) Demult n-am scris pe blog, dar între timp, tare multe s-au mai întâmplat, așa că de 1 mai am hotărât să iau o pauză și să evadez din oraș. 190 more words


Privet, Taraclia

Today we started the third round of youth trainings in the program Salut, Balti. This round marks the first round that I have not been an active lead in developing, organizing and running, its been taken over by two other Peace Corps Volunteers in Balti, which is good and also for me, difficult. 313 more words


#56 Happiness is making something grow from the earth

Moldova, probably the greenest country in the world, is already building its foundations towards thinking in an eco-friendly way, before excessive industrialization removes the connection of locals with the nature. 173 more words