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73. 9A

My 9A kids were one of my most advanced classes from the start, due in part to their close relationship with my partner teacher. They are constantly joking back and forth between them and they are the most bonded class I’ve seen yet. 309 more words


74. 9B

Another one of my classes making the list!

This class has been one of my most challenging, but by far one of my most rewarding. Last year, I taught them with a partner that I no longer work with, since she left the school. 338 more words


2016 Review: Moldova

After Moldova’s disappointing (and completely undeserved) last place finish in 2014, TVM opened up the selection to all artists around Europe and went for someone who looked like… 238 more words


76. Moldovan Wine

Wine is a massive part of Moldovan culture. Most Moldovans make their own and it’s given out at parties or masas or sometimes school events. I was able to watch and help out as my host family made theirs this year, along with vodka. 204 more words


Looking Back During Close of Service Conference

It’s been a little quiet on my blog lately, but that’s been because there hasn’t been much time to reflect and share about all the great things going on recently. 479 more words


NATO pledges to boost military presence in Eastern Europe

Press TV – April 27, 2016

NATO has pledged to expand its military presence in Eastern Europe to protect its partners and allies from potential threats as the US sends two of the world’s most advanced warplanes to Romania.

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77. The EEs

English Educators, A.K.A. my colleagues in the EE program. The few, the proud- all that. We started with 21 and now we’re down to (almost) 9. 192 more words