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The ENVERACE Journey: From the Beginning till Now

From Personal Struggle to Future Startup

How it all started?

For years we, Misha and Alex, have been involved in various sustainability projects. We were in contact with this world for long enough to sense that what was needed is a platform to connect environmental actors with the outer world. 1,168 more words


Warm palette of changes

Autumn has been my favorite season since I remember making my our decisions. It’s still  my favorite. 88 more words


Playing Teacher

The text in one of the 4th grade lessons has a student pretending to be the teacher. So to start the class, we got this volunteer to be the “teacher” and review the previous lesson’s vocabulary with the class. 9 more words


French Special Forces were on plane that crashed in Ivory Coast, killing 4

A plane crash that killed four off Côte d’Ivoire last week had been chartered by the French military as part of its counterinsurgency mission in West Africa, it has been admitted. 382 more words

A Specialized Intelligence Website Written By Experts

There will be magic, too.

I was in the middle of a palace garden, sipping a latte with brown sugar, waiting for the girls to come back from the washroom … again. 803 more words


I know two words in Romanian for “cheese”.  The yellow kind from the store is called cașcaval (“cahsh-cah-vahl”*) but this more common, locally produced cheese is called brânză (“broon-zuh”**).   120 more words


Valan International Cargo Charter Antonov An-26 crashes into sea near Abidjan

A Valan International Cargo Charter Antonov An-26 has crashed into the sea off the coast of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, during bad weather. The aircraft was operating a charter freight flight for the French Army. 506 more words