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Let's go trivial! Did you know that incubators were not just made for egg and newborn baby incubation?

An incubator comprises a chamber and the equipment that regulates its temperature, humidity, and ventilation. For years, the main uses for the controlled environment provided by incubators included egg incubation and caring for premature but a new and important application emerged, the cultivation and manipulation of microorganisms for medical treatment and research. 124 more words


Mango Lassi Pops

I bought some some popsicle molds several months ago at TJMaxx and I hadn’t used them all summer. I use to have molds that I purchased a few years ago but I realized that they weren’t BPA free so I was excited to find these that are BPA free. 199 more words


Types of Mold You Should Know About

We’ve listed these molds at the genus level, but there are sometimes many different species – some more toxigenic #readmore #learnmore #deadly #mold

Eggheads get back to your yolk!

We come to this world as an egg, cracked from its shell. Our core is the yolk (soul) and our human experiences is expanded by the whites. 250 more words


We’re all supposed to fit into shapes.

You can’t be too much of this or that. We pretend the molds don’t exist and we pretend that we don’t believe in them, but they’re unsupressable and floating above our heads and figuratively tattooed on our foreheads. 620 more words



The joy of being an artist – being able to cut up little pieces of paper, acceptable after the age of ten.
I went shopping today and picked up some glue. 214 more words


Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Jelly

Today’s post is Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Jelly! 

So earlier today I was just in my kitchen chilling as usual.

When an idea for a test recipe came to mind…what if I made jello using… 312 more words