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Using PVC Pipe as a Soap Mold

Oh, do I have a story for you! I went to Home Depot to buy PVC pipe to use as a soap mold about 6 months ago. 386 more words

Playful Egg Molds Add More Fun to Your Plates

If you are bored with ordinary boiled or fried eggs, take a look at these playful egg molds featured in this post which is sure to add some fun to your plate and make the nutritious eggs more attractive. 95 more words

New Ideas

Molds for Mug Mother Molds

Getting ready to pour mother molds for a new mug. Then I’ll pour actual casting molds from them. More photos to come as the process moves along.


With My Body

Here is my screen-cast of my body teaching. Hope you like it. I am becoming a can that is being melted down to be recycled. 574 more words


Make Your Own Molds at Home for Home Decor, Jewelry and Other Projects

Imagine how fantasticĀ it would be to be able to recreate some of the small findings that you have in your collection of treasures, that others may consider junk. 169 more words


Shaped Into A Vessel To Hold The Flowers Of His Loveā€¦

In a horrible moment of despair, I wrote the following. Why? I had just posted, Power to QUIT! To Hit the bottom of success and rise up higher than success itself, but, no sooner I posted, the Potter gave one more turn to the wheel and I wreathe in pain!

947 more words