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MOLD:  A natural substance in the form of a woolly or furry growth of tiny fungi that appears when organic material lies for a long time exposed to (usually warm and moist) air. 899 more words

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Casting Metal Directly Into 3D Printed Molds

Casting metal and 3D printing go together like nuts and gum, and there are no shortage techniques that use the two together. Lost PLA casting is common, and sculptors are getting turned on to creating their works in plastic first before sending it off to the foundry. 102 more words

Hacking News

Birthday Card With Clay Butterflies

Hello Bloggers,

A pinky card today. I got this DecoTime paper pad at Action the other day… a 1010th paper pad in my collection, but I could  not help it anyway – just loved the colors… Happens to me way too often. 243 more words

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Growing mold in class 4ºEP NATURAL SC.

This is a very simple experiment to grow mold very fast.

  1. Take some slices of bread, it can be from supermarket, but you must know this breads contain chemical preservatives and it will last a little bit more in appear.
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I took this picture a few weeks ago when my boyfriend brought me to The High Line, and these words have stuck with me ever since. 708 more words



Impressions don’t concern me
they aren’t for me to make
Molding is my passion
Those molds I get to break

                               Hey, wait! You left your words here! 45 more words


Space and Materiality #4

Working with your own hands is always more fun than looking at others work over the internet or double tapping someones Instagram photo, ain’t it? 681 more words