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The joy of being an artist – being able to cut up little pieces of paper, acceptable after the age of ten.
I went shopping today and picked up some glue. 214 more words


Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Jelly

Today’s post is Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Jelly! 

So earlier today I was just in my kitchen chilling as usual.

When an idea for a test recipe came to mind…what if I made jello using… 312 more words


Indianapolis Foundation Services Remove Molds and Keep Your Home Safe

Molds are a clear and present danger in every household due to the numerous problems they can cause. The problem may even be compounded when the molds grow in your basement or the foundation, thus requiring immediate action. 126 more words

Tooling and molds: Inside look at tricks suppliers play with VAT and Amortization

Any VAT rebate on made-in-China tooling? Should I amortize the tooling? A foreign buyer of Chinese plastic products asks: I am aware that VAT is applicable for the tooling owned by the customer at the supplier’s location in China to product a plastic part and export to Japan. 39 more words

Die Insel Koh Tao

Fungal Skin and Nail Infections Are Rooted in the Colon - The Trichophyton Story

Majid Ali, M.D.

The terms fungi, molds, and yeast all refer families of microbes, and are used interchangeably. Trichophyton is the term used for a family of molds that cause skin and nail infections, including tinea, ring worm, nail fungal infections (onycomycosis),, athelete foot, and related infections.  387 more words


You Asked: Can I Scrape Mold Off of Food and Eat It?

Nobody wants to waste food. So when you see something hairy in your cream cheese or suspicious spots on your bread, it’s tempting to scrape the mold away and chow down. 520 more words