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Menopause and sleepless nights may make women age faster

A pair of studies published by UCLA researchers reports that menopause accelerates biological aging and that insomnia, which often accompanies menopause, also has a clear association with age acceleration. 907 more words


Effects on the Pocillopora verrucosa microbiome when in contact with macroalgae under ocean acidification

Hard coral cover is in decline and this decline has generally coincided with macroalgal proliferation in coral reefs (Gardner et al. 2003, Cheal et al. 2010, De’ath et al. 296 more words


You are alive because the lipid bilayer of your plasma membrane is asymmetric

You are an organism with trillions of cells. A mosquito bit you depositing millions of viruses in your tissues. The virus can reproduce only within one of your cells and it has exploited all sorts of protein protein chemistry to get in. 916 more words

Molecular Biology

Sheffield congregation

After Durham and Jack’s graduation we spent a week on the boat travelling down to the River Soar at Loughborough, before making a rushed trip home to sort out the house. 327 more words

Researchers temporarily turn off brain area to better understand function

Capitalizing on experimental genetic techniques, researchers have demonstrated that temporarily turning off an area of the brain changes patterns of activity across much of the remaining brain.  451 more words


18th July 2016 - Katherine James, Newcastle University

I’m a Post-Doctoral bioinformatician working with the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology (CBCB) and the Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex bioSystems (ICOS) research group at Newcastle University.  201 more words


Organic computers are coming

Move over silicon, tomorrow’s computers could be made of something completely different. A team of international researchers managed to find a molecule that, to their opinion, could give the impetus to the development of organic electronics. 764 more words