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Interactive effects of seawater acidification and elevated temperature on biomineralization and amino acid metabolism in the mussel Mytilus edulis

Seawater acidification and warming resulting from anthropogenic production of carbon dioxide are increasing threats to marine ecosystems. Previous studies have documented the effects of either seawater acidification or warming on marine calcifiers; however, the combined effects of these stressors are poorly understood. 222 more words


The next big drug target

So many of the molecular machines used in the cell are composed of many different proteins held together by nonCovalent interactions. The Mediator complex contains 25 – 30 proteins with a mass of 1.6 megaDaltons, RNA polymerase contains 12 subunits, the general transcription factors contain 25 proteins, our ribosome with a mass of 4.3 megaDaltons contains 47 in the large subunit and 33 in the small. 2,381 more words

Molecular Biology

The Path to Molecular Diagnostics – MB(ASCP) Certification

While I have been working in the field of all things “Molecular” for close to twelve years, it wasn’t until early this year that I decided to actually sit for the ASCP certification exam in Molecular Biology. 752 more words

Molecular Biology

October 4th 2015 - Leigh Nicholson, University of Sydney

I am a PhD candidate in my second year at the University of Sydney, Australia. My project started off in reproductive biology; looking at different proteins and cellular properties that affect pregnancy and how that can improve IVF techniques. 68 more words


With The Discovery Of Water, Is Life Possible On Mars?

NASA and the world news has been buzzing since researchers discovered the best evidence yet that Mars does indeed have water on it. As the most similar to Earth of all the planets, it has many wondering: could life on Mars be a viable option? 280 more words

Ivana De Domenico

Scientists identify key receptor as potential target for treatment of autism

Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have uncovered a significant–and potentially treatable–relationship between a chemical that helps transmit signals in the brain and genetic mutations present in a subset of individuals with autism spectrum disorder.  353 more words



Every class in grad school seemed to begin with a discussion of units. Eventually, Don Voet got fed up and said he preferred the hand stone fortnight system and was going to stick to it. 558 more words

Molecular Biology