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new book: The Bacteriocins

The Bacteriocins: current knowledge and future prospects, edited by R. Dorit, S.M.Roy and M. A.Riley

QR92 B3 B323x 2016, Parks Library Tier 5

Bacteriocins are potent protein toxins produced by virtually every bacterial and archeal species examined to date. 99 more words


The UK set to be the first country to formally approve three-parent babies

Some women carry mitochondrial mutations that will inevitably pass down to their children, rendering these children to a wretched fate of developing fatal mitochondrial diseases that will result in their early deaths. 597 more words


The stable microbiome of inter and sub-tidal anemone species under increasing pCO2

Increasing levels of pCO2 within the oceans will select for resistant organisms such as anemones, which may thrive under ocean acidification conditions. However, increasing pCO2 may alter the bacterial community of marine organisms, significantly affecting the health status of the host. 181 more words


Indirect effects of climate changes on cadmium bioavailability and biological effects in the Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis

Despite the great interest in the consequences of climate change on the physiological functioning of marine organisms, indirect and interactive effects of rising temperature and pCO2 on bioaccumulation and responsiveness to environmental pollutants are still poorly explored, particularly in terms of cellular mechanisms. 294 more words


Very sad

The failure of Lilly’s antibody against the aBeta protein is very sad on several levels. My year started out going to a memorial service for a college classmate, fellow doc and friend who died of Alzheimer’s disease. 2,660 more words

Molecular Biology

Molecular and physiological evidence of genetic assimilation to high CO2 in the marine nitrogen fixer Trichodesmium

Most investigations of biogeochemically important microbes have focused on plastic (short-term) phenotypic responses in the absence of genetic change, whereas few have investigated adaptive (long-term) responses. 239 more words


Redesigning Life

This post originally appeared on Science Borealis

“Imagine if living things were as easy to modify as a computer Word file.” So begins John Parrington’s journey through the recent history and present-day pursuits of genetic modification in… 933 more words