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Scientists create malaria-resistant mosquitoes

This article is reproduced from Chicago Tribune (content may be edited for length).

In the history of the world, few weapons have been more destructive than a tiny mosquito bearing a microscopic dose of… 697 more words


Insights into protein structure could change the future of biomedicine

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have discovered a new way to create designer proteins that have the potential to transform biotechnology and personalized medicines. 451 more words


Bacterioplankton community resilience to ocean acidification: evidence from microbial network analysis

Ocean acidification (OA), caused by seawater CO2 uptake, has significant impacts on marine calcifying organisms and phototrophs. However, the response of bacterial communities, who play a crucial role in marine biogeochemical cycling, to OA is still not well understood. 194 more words


Pyrosequencing and de novo assembly of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) transcriptome to study the adaptability of krill to climate-induced environmental changes

The Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba, has a key position in the Southern Ocean food web by serving as direct link between primary producers and apex predators. 267 more words


Strains of the harmful cCyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa differ in gene expression and activity of inorganic carbon uptake systems at elevated CO2 levels

Cyanobacteria are generally assumed to be effective competitors at low CO2 levels because of their efficient CO2-concentrating mechanism (CCM), and yet how bloom-forming cyanobacteria respond to rising CO2 concentrations is less clear. 236 more words


Climate change stressors destabilize the microbiome of the Caribbean barrel sponge, Xestospongia muta

The effect of climate change, both thermal stress and ocean acidification, on coral reefs is of increasing concern with the effects on calcification at the organismal level, and changes in the ratio of accretion to erosion on larger spatial scales of particular interest. 204 more words