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Gene Editing: The CRISPR Revolution

If you have never heard of CRISPR before, its name may evoke a bizarre, supernatural fictional force; but for molecular biologists and geneticists, it has become the trendy new jewel of the scientific research hub. 1,396 more words


mtDNA: Lost in Translation

Mitochondrion serve as the “powerhouse” of the cell by supplying the cell with ATP created via cellular respiration (McBride et al). This very well know biochemical pathway was the leading edge of mitochondrion research, but this process for which the organelle is famous for only provides one function out of a growing list. 307 more words

Molecular Biology

Strong ion regulatory abilities enable the crab Xenograpsus testudinatus to inhabit highly acidified marine vent systems

Hydrothermal vent organisms have evolved physiological adaptations to cope with extreme abiotic conditions including temperature and pH. To date, acid-base regulatory abilities of vent organisms are poorly investigated, although this physiological feature is essential for survival in low pH environments. 239 more words


smORFs, dwORFs and now uORFs

A recent post described small Open Reading Frames (smORFs) and DWarf Open Reading Frames (DWORFS) — see the link at the bottom. Now it’s time for uORFs (upstream Open Reading Frames). 577 more words

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Wonder and Worship: Beauty in Science

Last week saw the opening of my first ever science-faith gallery exhibition. The space is a white-walled corner of my church, set aside for creative members of the congregation to display their handiwork. 1,042 more words

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Introns, and Exons, and Splicing … Oh My!

One of the first things students of biology learn is basic molecular theory or, the central dogma of biology. The central dogma of biology states that “DNA makes RNA and RNA makes protein.” We know that the process of converting DNA to protein is not one involving magic, but rather more intricate methods termed, transcription and translation. 358 more words

Molecular Biology

Individual and population-level responses to ocean acidification

Ocean acidification is predicted to have detrimental effects on many marine organisms and ecological processes. Despite growing evidence for direct impacts on specific species, few studies have simultaneously considered the effects of ocean acidification on individuals (e.g. 157 more words