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Human Genome Caused by Malaria Parasite?

Plasmodium vivax, a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes, infects millions of individuals in Africa yearly. However, that is not the case for individuals living in sub-Saharan Africa, which affected less than 5% of Africans of all malaria cases. 214 more words


Marine fish intestine responds to ocean acidification producing more carbonate aggregates

Marine fish contribute to the carbon cycle by producing mineralized intestinal aggregates generated as by-products of their osmoregulation. Here we aimed at characterizing the control of intestinal aggregate production in the gilthead sea bream in response to near future increases of environmental CO2. 136 more words


3 Articles and a forth

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OK, I admit to a sleazy, seemingly misspelled word to attract attention. 757 more words

St. Patty's Post: Beerzymes (Alpha & Beta Amylase)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

EDIT: This was obviously supposed to post on March 17th. 

Personally, this is one of my favorite holidays. Cured meats, good beer, and stories of missionaries driving snakes (an obvious metaphor for Irish druidism) from Ireland – what more could you possibly want? 688 more words


Genes are made of DNA

Today we are so familiar with the fact that DNA is the genetic material that it comes as quite a surprise to learn that this idea was considered ridiculous by most biologists until the 1940s and that experimental proof that human genes are made of DNA was not obtained until the 1970s. 1,407 more words


#DNA: What's the Deal?

It’s 2017. We’re three sequels into a massively successful movie franchise about the dangers of science without integrity. Rebooting and endlessly recycling movies doesn’t seem to be a problem, but who cares about that? 941 more words