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A laboratory in the garage

A revolution might be ongoing in science. And it promises to democratise research and make it accessible to everyone.

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Research into RNA in skeletal muscle

Petra Habets was aPhD student directed by Anthony Sargeant. This research publication  was part of her PhD thesis. It was a collaborative research project in Amsterdam that developed out of research first pursued by Jose Sant’ana Periera, a previous PhD student in Tony Sargeant’s department. 265 more words

Professor Anthony J Sargeant

Dr. Reginald Hill, PhD

Assistant Professor Department of Biological Sciences University of Notre Dame Website

Molecular analysis of the Sydney rock oyster (Saccostrea glomerata) CO2 stress response


Human activities have led to a substantial increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emission, with further increases predicted. A RNA-Seq study on adult Saccostrea glomerata was carried out to examine the molecular response of this bivalve species to elevated pCO2. 234 more words


Five Big Mysteries About CRISPR

It has been known for a long time that prokaryotes do not have an immune system like the one in vertebrates that uses antibodies. However, it was recently discovered that they have a genetic system that kind of works like immunological memory against invading bacteriophages. 446 more words


Molecular Biology Behind the Blackboard

By Paul Theerman

Originally published in Hidden Treasure: The National Library of Medicine, 2011.

The photograph is dramatic, more dramatic in its own way than the famous one of James Watson and Francis Crick. 596 more words


Regional adaptation defines sensitivity to future ocean acidification

Physiological responses to temperature are known to be a major determinant of species distributions and can dictate the sensitivity of populations to global warming. In contrast, little is known about how other major global change drivers, such as ocean acidification (OA), will shape species distributions in the future. 134 more words