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Does she or doesn't she? Only her geneticist knows for sure

Back in the day there was a famous ad for Claroil — Does she or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.  Now it’s the geneticist who can sequence genes for Two Pore Channels in pigment forming cells (melanocytes) who really knows. 205 more words

Molecular Biology

A List of Marine Reptiles: Ocean Animals Include Crocodiles, Iguanas, and Snakes

Learn about marine iguanas in the Galapagos, tropical venomous seas snakes, the deadly salt water crocodile, and endangered sea turtles.

Asked to imagine a reptile and most people will think of lizards sunning in the desert, snakes slithering through the jungle, or geckos skittering in the corners of a human home. 530 more words


An ‘Eppendorf for Life’ Scheme Launched

Bench scientists are to be issued with an ‘Eppendorf for Life’ in an ingenious new scheme to reduce the mountain of plastic-ware clogging laboratories across the land. 197 more words

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Who knew Marshall McLuhan was a molecular biologist

Marshall McLuhan famously said “the medium is the message”. Who knew he was talking about molecular biology?  But he was, if you think of the process of transcription of DNA into various forms of RNA as the… 283 more words

Molecular Biology

Library Preparation – The First Step in a NGS Setup

Welcome back! Last quarter we discussed why Next Generation, or Massively Parallel, Sequencing is the next big thing in the world of Molecular Diagnostics. The sensitivity, the depth of coverage and the ability to interrogate many different areas of the genome at the same time were just a few of the benefits of these types of assays. 774 more words

The microbiome of the octocoral Lobophytum pauciflorum: minor differences between sexes and resilience to short-term stress

Bacteria associated with marine invertebrates are thought to have a range of important roles that benefit the host including production of compounds that may exclude pathogenic microorganisms and recycling of essential nutrients. 177 more words


Increased temperature and CO2 alleviate photoinhibition in Desmarestia anceps: from transcriptomics to carbon utilization

Ocean acidification and warming are affecting polar regions with particular intensity. Rocky shores of the Antarctic Peninsula are dominated by canopy-forming Desmarestiales. This study investigates the physiological and transcriptomic responses of the endemic macroalga… 188 more words