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Designing better drugs with computers

Proteins are the molecules that do everything for us in cells: they allow us to digest food, carry oxygen or allow us to stand up and move our arms. 201 more words

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Possible new idea with tSNE

Dimensionality reduction is in the hurt of molecular dynamics simulations keeping in mind its importance in reducing the high-dimension data produced during molecular dynamics simulations. It also found application in building Markov State Models and also used as CVs to drive enhanced sampling simulations. 202 more words

Utility of molecular simulation in constraining possible mechanisms of macroscopic phenomenon

Molecular mechanisms underpin macroscopic phenomenon that we observe, but inability to visualize microscopic events for determining the mechanisms involved precluded scientists from pinpointing the exact mechanistic details of a phenomenon. 386 more words

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How to Install LigParGen Server Locally ?

I have many received many requests about making a local version of LigParGen server so that one doesn’t have to upload their ligand files to the… 146 more words

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How to deal with a cat’s furballs

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THE warm weather is here, which, if you live with a feline companion, means you\u2019re also living with a lot more cat fur. 4,079 more words

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New program for pets escaping DV

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IT IS a tragic fact that humans and pets

Domestic Violence

What NOT to do when your cat goes missing

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THE internet is a trove of useful information. It is also a source of some very bizarre advice that doesn\u2019t always help animals. 2,555 more words

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