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El Chapo, We Have Your Son

Mr. Chapo,

we are sure that by now that you are quite concerned as to the whereabouts of your son. Rest assured he is safe with us, deep in the confines of our underground tunnel system. 290 more words


Suburban Cathedral: a dungeon for INTO THE ODD

The Hook: Across town, various metal panels have been riveted into the ground. Some of these have even been found inside buildings. The panels have been put in place by a labour of molemen—soon after the ground opens up in a fissure immediately beneath the panels. 538 more words


Mole-ested - Malifaux Moleman Showcase

Soon after I finished my second Waldgeist for my Marcus crew I found myself having ordered a set of Molemen. At the moment I was lacking in real scheme runners, and thought the Molemen would help with that with their movement schenanigans and resilience. 197 more words