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When Technology Isn't Necessary (and maybe not even nice) #edtechchat #educoach #cpchat

For the past three years, I have made a point of conducting instructional walks in classrooms on a regular basis. The purpose of my walks is to provide feedback for the teacher about their practice, as well as to get a sense of the overall instructional level of the school. 816 more words


Limited-Edition Year Of The Monkey Notebooks By Shanghai Tang x Moleskine


An avid traveler always carries a Moleskine to scribble down every colorful adventure or pensive musings from the road.

If you’re a diehard fan of these Italy-designed notebooks like we are, then you’ll be just as excited for the latest… 212 more words


Inktober Week 1

I find it useful to have a prompt or arbitrary theme to work to in order to keep myself drawing regularly. It is too easy to be distracted away from what is most important and find myself not drawing… I had a few pages of a Stillman &Birn Alpha to finish and then a Moleskine from my stash to use up so Inktober has come at a good time. 297 more words

Everything but the kitchen sink..

I love my handbag, so I thought I would do a feature on it. I don’t know how men can just carry around a wallet with them and they feel like they have everything they need?! 743 more words


Carnegie Hall

Hopefully it’s clear that this doodlewash is of a violin, but just in case, that was the intent. I was recently attending a Kansas City Symphony performance and I noticed somebody I went to high school with there and it got me thinking about the only instrument I learned to play well. 472 more words


Different sketches of the same street.

Right opposite my physiotherapist are some interesting houses in Beaulieu sur dordogne. I arrived early for the previous sessions and did these 2 sketches of the same street from opposite directions on different days. 158 more words


Calling Mom

My dad liked to collect things… well… sort of acquire things he suddenly took a fancy to. This old telephone was one of those things and it ended up following me around from house to house for many years before finally disappearing.  559 more words