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Adrawingaday project twelve

Moleskine sketches, #adrawingaday

I focused on sharpening up perspective drawing skills. One and two point perspective sketching.

The experience so far has made my brain tingle, trying to interpret an image with my mind, then translate that image into lines that my hand builds up with a pencil, one by one. 48 more words


Anger! (7.2.16)

I watched Inside Out for the first time last night, so I decided to run together a little rough sketch of Anger!


Old Journals.....

I was going through my journals the other day, and LOVED looking back at the older stuff, and being able to acknowledge that my skills ARE improving. 292 more words


The not so little mermaid

I was going through some old pocket sketchbooks of mine. So many little sketches I intended to paint and never did.

It’s never the same when you go back to something a year or two later. 46 more words


My dear diary

I am an organisation freak. There, I’ve said it, now you all know. So when it comes to having a day to day diary, I need something that works just for me. 262 more words


I<3 U Berry Much! (6.2.16)

Hi guys! Here’s the second of the two Valentine’s Day card designs I made. This illustration goes along with the text “I <3 U Berry Much”. 8 more words


Pizza Love! (5.2.16)

Hi guys! Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m sharing with you guys some of the illustrations I made for the Valentine’s Day cards I am making. This one is for the design in which the card reads “I Love You Like I Love My Pizza… A Lot!”