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Notebook as a Room

The notebook is your little room. A phrase that keeps reverberating in my mind for a long time.

I have been always into paper and notebooks. 155 more words


Souls, moods

Friday I woke early— in an hour often filled with shrieks and cacophony in the playground across the street. This morning there was only a fine stillness, accompanied by the sound of a steady, soft rain falling wetly on the leaves and pavement. 60 more words


A diary for my school deadlines | 專用來記錄功課的日曆

♦English – 中文♦

I have been wanting to buy a Moleskin notebook for DECADES but it is too expensive for me. But, after knowing that we have in average 3 assignments per week to be handed in for the new academic year, I have finally decided to buy one and this was probably one of the best decision in my life!!! 91 more words


I prefer to study in pastels

Some of my favorite notebooks right now!

Moleskine Journals | https://www.amazon.com/Moleskine-Journal-Persian-Frangipane-Blossom/dp/8867320610 | $9.90

Cambridge Edition Planner | Purchased at Target-No longer in stock | $10.00