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Forgive? No way . . .

“Forgiveness is the virtue of the courageous, the response of the forgiven, the mercy of the just.”
― Ron Brackin

I’m taking a step away from my story to talk about forgiveness for a moment.

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The #Metoo hashtag on Facebook is great and I admire the people who have the courage to come out and post about their experiences with sexual assault. 1,216 more words



I’ve been noticing the #metoo campaign and am so grateful it’s happening. It’s frightening how many women have experienced this trauma, harassment and abuse and even just the daily things such as cat calling and sexual comments and boys who think it’s okay to ask for or send nudes to you. 505 more words


Free Girl

Starting on a new journey,
I was going to my college,
The starting was good,
People were helpful,
But the distance really sucked,
Metro then cab took up lots of time, 122 more words


Me too

Ok , the first time I was 5. My parents had family friends over, their 12-year-old boy managed to get me away from everyone else. I haven’t been able to think about that family without hot shame flushing my face or disgust making me shake, ever since. 622 more words

Curtain of Clothes

I can wear full sleeves clothes if you want,
I can wear a hijab, if that’ll guarantee a peaceful night,
I can wear whatever you want, 180 more words