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The Movie

It played constantly in her head like a movie. More than a movie, a movie would have been better than this. She could remember every sound, touch of his rough hands, the taste of alcohol on his mouth, even the scent of his skin. 200 more words


Closed Doors

***Trigger Warning***

I have been absent because I have been dealing with a personal hell that has cropped up unexpectedly. My memories have returned from things that happened to me when I was a very small child that were not right at all. 292 more words



Dear World,

I don’t want to be ‘here’ and haven’t since my first suicide attempt as an 8yr old. My two attempts as an adult in the last 5yrs were thwarted by those I tried to unburden myself from; family, friends, well-meaning medical staff, and society at large. 194 more words


Why I really wish we had two ironing boards growing up

Growing up, it was always the 3 of us. Mom, my sister April and myself. Sometimes my mom had boyfriends, some for weeks, occasionally some made it a few months and very rarely, but at least on a few occasions, over a year. 751 more words

Praises to God.

Where did you come from? What are the things that make you, you? What has happened to you? What hurts have you gone through to make you a distant person? 1,506 more words

“Your Father-in-law is a Child Molester” Part 2

So for the Lunar New Year (Feb. 19), I wanted to start fresh and overcome some of my fears.  With sweat literally dripping down my armpits as I frantically typed my feelings away, I nervously clicked send to my… 340 more words


My Monthly Self-assessment of psychosis: Saturday, February 21st.

I’ll do this once a month: it’s the only contact (albeit one-way) that I want to have with any of you unless I’ve stated I want contact: