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Holi the festival of colours is one of the most popular Indian festival .Holi celebrated in India since thousands of years. While Holi is celebrated in almost every part of India, Although Holi at Barsana is most popular one too… 1,665 more words

Holi - A Struggle Between Color And Valor

The dreadful day is here, the day of color and splash yet again
Of all the smiles I gathered through the year, it will drain… 85 more words


Story #11

A confession
I stood there motionless,while He touched my breasts.

He said I was pretty and called me closer.

My mom warned me repeatedly to stay away from strangers, but he wasn’t one. 268 more words

Short Stories


To abuse someone by touching in a sexual manner. Anglo-Norman “molester”=to annoy < Latin “molestus”=troublesome.


Men who molest...

My country has waged a war against women. I feel sick to my bones with all that is happening. The sad part is, none of this is new. 964 more words




– সাম্যময় সেন গুপ্ত –

কোনো পুরুষ সাপের মতো

এঁকেবেঁকে চায়

কোনো পুরুষ বাঘের মতো

হালুম করে খায়

কোনো পুরুষ হ্যাংলা বেড়াল

চুপিচুপি খায়

কোনো পুরুষ লেজ নাড়ে

যদি কিছু পায়


Faith Like Sharon's

Sharon raised her left hand and face towards the ceiling with tears running down the side of her eyes. The choir ministering didn’t sound exceptional but their words touched her heart, they spoke to her inner being. 474 more words

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