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Video: Girl Gets High On Drugs, goes N.ude And Starts Dancing

She smoked something that she couldn’t handle and before anyone could stop her, she stripped na.ked and started performing nak.ed at a parked eatery. Instead of the women to cover her up, they poured drinks on her and cheered her on while the men started to touch.


I didn't wash my hair to keep men away while traveling: a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do

Why does it have to be that hard for girls? Why? Why is it that every time that I have to take a train, I have to check who is sitting around me? 259 more words


All the Questions I'll Never Ask

I haven’t seen my dads side of my family in about four or more years. It’s been awhile, I can say. I’m still waiting for that one moment I run into them while I’m outside and I’m supposed to say, hey sorry for not passing by, I’ve just been afraid of how different it will be now that I’m grown and that everyone knows my father molested me when I was younger, and now that I’m able to say no. 136 more words


SRINAGAR,KASHMIR: Youths shouting anti-India slogans pelted stones and clashed with security forces on Saturday in Srinagar’s Hazratbal area during the first-ever marathon in a state already tense over a beef ban. 340 more words


Married Woman Cuts Off Husband's Friend's Joystick

A man who wanted To Molest his friend’s wife in the farm got what he deserved.

The urge to forcefully have carnal knowledge of a married woman has led to a man’s private part being cut off after he met his match in the woman. 239 more words


It's not simply sin. 

The following was a reply I made to a post on Facebook. The post was from a Christian friend concerning Josh Duggar and his “sin.” His question was concerning if we forgive or not. 1,331 more words

Break the silence, because you can.

8 years ago, I was molested. I was 14 years old then. It happened after-working hours where the busses were jam packed. I was on a feeder bus going home. 522 more words