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WikiHow's 'How to Identify a Pedophile" is a rare thing - useful

Here’s a “How to spot a paedophile” article that isn’t stupid, and is actually useful. 560 more words

Quick #PizzaGate post RE: Sargon

Twitter isn’t the easiest place to have a full fledged discussion, so I figured I’d do a quick shitpost as a response to Sargon of Akkad. 607 more words


Path of Sin or not?

Sitting on the grass, I put my head on my folded knees. The dusk turns to a moonless night when I look at the sky. 534 more words

Short Stories 😊

Marina Abramović: “I've always been a soldier”


Ms. Abramović, did you ever doubt that you were an artist?

When I taught art I was always asked, “How do you know you’re an artist? 2,282 more words

Marina Abramović: The grandmother of performance art


Marina Abramović: The grandmother of performance art on her ‘brand’, growing up behind the Iron Curtain, and protĂ©gĂ© Lady Gaga

Marina Abramović has stripped, been stabbed and burnt – all in pursuit of her art. 2,719 more words