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Molière's "L'Avare:" Doublings

L’Avare by François Boucher (drawing) and Laurent Cars (engraving) (Photo credit: Pinterest)



November 29, 2016 Weekly Menu

Watch out, cooler weather has finally arrived! Come join us for a heart-warming set of meals this week — Moliére, Magellan, and Steve Martin will be here adding their own special spices to the week. 765 more words
Weekly Meals

Number of Things

A number of things been piling up
Painting by numbers is looking mighty rough
Thought I held reins of life in my hands
Turns out I’m just ‘nother confused mortal man… 314 more words


Moliere’s modern mark

Tartuffe (Queensland Theatre and Black Swan State Theatre Company)

QPAC, The Playhouse

November 12 – December 4

It has been said that what Shakespeare is to the English, Molière is to the French. 720 more words


Pantalone and Molière's Miser

Pantalone (1550)
Maurice Sand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maurice Sand

Below is an excerpt from an article I posted in 2014, when our topic was the  1,028 more words


Moliere's Tartuffe- a review

I appreciate all kinds of arts- music, visual, abstract, textile, acting. But I am not good at any of them. And that’s ok, my strengths (I think) lie in other areas. 465 more words

Swan Hill


Tricky: adjective
1. (Of a task, problem, etc.) requiring care and skill because it is difficult or awkward. 
2. Deceitful or crafty.

Having recently started my second year of uni, I find the word ‘tricky’ to be particularly pertinent. 197 more words