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East Meets West at the Moline Library

Or at least East met West at the Mississippi River… which is pretty near the library.

Moline Library

The 10 Best Female Detectives in Fiction Written by Women

by Keith Rice, August 31, 2017, first appearing on Signature Reads

There’s nothing like a good mystery novel when the need for a bit of page-turning escapism arises. 891 more words

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IL Reads Showcase - A Hamilton Affair

First the $10 bill, then the musical, now this. Some guys have all the luck… disregarding the whole fatally wounded during a duel to the death thing, of course.

Moline Library

What Would You Lose?

by LJ, August 30, 2017, first appearing in Library Journal

U.S. libraries battle unprecedented challenges to federal support; you can help—and if you don’t have a copy yet, you can download and print  59 more words

Moline Library

Who You Gonna Call?!

With people’s minds turning towards things that go bump in the night as we get closer and closer to Halloween, it is important to stop and remember the important things in life. 120 more words

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