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Configuración de Agosto

Lo más dificil de mudarse teniendo acuarios es el temor de que en el traslado el contenido de los recipientes lleguen hechos un pozol. Por ello tuve que bajar el agua de los acuarios estables (cubo 2 y 3) y también del recién instalado (cubo 1). 273 more words

Acuario Plantado

Configuración de Junio

Configuración de hace un mes

Lindernia rotundifolia ó Bacopa sp (?)

Cubo #1

Cubo #2

Cubo #3

Hydra verde


Hydra verde

Anubia en recuperación… 9 more words

Acuario Plantado

Trying to be Really Awfully Finny

To get of pets another pair,

Today has been our wish, all –

So two black Mollies you see there –

And take that as of fish, all! 42 more words



Here are the newest additions to my family.

The person at the pet store said they are dalmatian mollies but one has an orange tinge so I think it may be a mix. 11 more words


New Pets!

Don’t get overelly excited, our new pets aren’t fuzzy creatures. But they are pretty cool. :) If you haven’t guessed what they are yet, then I’ll have to tell you I suppose. 550 more words


On this day – 18.12.1878 Hanging of John Kehoe of the Molly Maguires

Their Irish origins are mysterious, though they were almost definitely a 19th century agrarian secret society. Their name may have emanated from a tradition that was not just Irish – the Welsh were party to it as well in the so-called Rebecca riots – where male activists disguised themselves as women before engaging in illegal activity up to and including murder. 674 more words