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Molly Crabapple

While researching some videos people make, when filming directly from above, I came across this one by the artist, Molly Crabapple . It brilliantly shows her ability as an illustrator and a writer, but most importantly, it very clearly raises awareness for an important subject matter.  160 more words


The Presidential Candidate and the Troll

While not exactly a household name, Andrew Auernheimer is well-known among tech journalists and on social media. “Weev” is not someone you’d want to know in real life, or on the Internet. 1,378 more words

Personal Diary


I’m not sure what this Guardian piece is exactly, but it made me laugh in several spots. Here’s how it starts:

I wake up from my whiskey stupor to the scent of burning motherboards, and I know that something is wrong.

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Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple
Design: Prangsta Costumiers
Hair: Angela Hertel
Stylist: Holly Jade O’Leary


Molly Crabapple does Cool Shit

I’m a big podcast guy. Love them. Always hot to trot for a new podcast recommendation. So last night I discovered the Longform Podcast. For those of you that are not familiar with… 443 more words


F(irst)FF: Molly Crabapple

So there’s this thing that is apparently popular on twitter called Follow Friday. I know. As usual with anything technological, I am eternally late to the party (there’s a reason for the title of this blog.). 434 more words

Molly Crabapple: Broken Windows

A short, beautifully illustrated film examining the controversial “Broken Windows” theory of policing in NYC as it relates to the death of Eric Garner.