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Moo Settling into 2nd Year Uni

Moo is all settled into and enjoying 2nd Year at Melbourne Uni. She has mid-terms coming up next week and is feel confident. Subjects are much harder she says but at the same time much more interesting. 104 more words


Beach Race Champion Hopes to Pass the Torch!

The Carolina Marsh Tacky  Association is excited to partner with Kiawah Cares to bring this race to Kiawah Island. All tickets were pre-sold, and sold out! 500 more words


Toilegami Town

My friend, Molly, from Shallow Reflections has taken up a new hobby!!      It sounds so enticing, I just might try it too!!

“Learning a new skill: 284 more words


If this is the Future, we are doomed...

Okay so I’m going to offend Future the rapper fans. If you have to ask who Future is, just use your Google now. I’m about to become old in a few lines and I make not one apology for it. 494 more words


The Worthy Lens

A friend called me up today to see how I was doing in the aftermath of my bolt from school. She is a new enough friend that I wasn’t entirely sure which lens she was rotating to get me into focus. 1,222 more words

Life Made Full With Animals

Emily's Recital

In Emily’s book Brave Emily she and her classmates learn to play the flutophone, and then perform them at a class recital. Through a series of mishaps, Emily ends up having to play a solo. 337 more words


The Farrowing Pen

When a sow stands up, or prepares to lay down, her piglets scatter to the walls or flatten themselves into corners so she does not lie on them or stand on them accidentally. 1,267 more words