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Insecurities, relationships...wait do millennial's even have relationships?

It’s been a while since my last post I’m aware, I wish I could say that I’m out living life but quite frankly I’ve been working full time and going to school full time along with a few trips here and there. 1,865 more words

Deep Thinking

July30 - A Trip to the Sun

Today, I took the girls to the Oregon Observatory and Sun River Nature Center. Our agenda was to look directly into the sun. This is what we saw: 207 more words


Window Snuggles

“Hershey, Molly & Jasper”


Jasper’s big ears wobble around when he’s listening and stick up like a shark fin when he’s asleep. I can get them to go down when I pet him though. 79 more words


And today's recipe is....

Take one Bichon Shih Tsu…

Add a groomer…

Throw in a good girl flower…

What do you get…?

A Molly Muffinator rocking a spiffy new hair style.

Very nice Molly


Permission to Pet: GRANTED



Visitor Molly likes to lie on her greens plate once it’s empty. It must either be cool to lie on, or she’s trying to send me a message. 59 more words


In Celebration of Dogs

In celebration of Dogs

It’s hard for me to stay in the loop on things.  You wouldn’t think that would be the case or someone professionally trained as an Internal Auditor.  565 more words

Smushy Snuggles

“Molly & Jasper”


Jasper really loves his Molly. He showers her with kisses and licks all day. He snuggles with her a lot and last night he kinda smushed her into the fence when he squeezed in for a snuggle. 93 more words