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Trinity College JuttOddie

Moo and the other 2016 Freshers ran the Trinity College JuttOddie on the 16th April as a Fresher tradition for being 6 weeks into the Melbourne Unit Year. 58 more words


Cloudy.. Photo-Shoot... *Starring Molly*

Hello bloggers, followers, likers, and others!! :) Today I’ve prepared a photo-shoot starring Molly. Today was an extremely overcast day so what better reason to take pictures.. 68 more words

Linda's Family Tree: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

      Over the next several days, Linda’s family tree grew to fill her entire poster. Nonna was thrilled with the task and and spent her evenings with Linda checking through her old letters and photographs for names and dates. 855 more words


30 weeks

Dear Molly,

After you’re born I plan to write some type of regular letter to you detailing the cute (and not-so-cute) things you’ve been doing and what’s going on in our lives. 584 more words


Linda's Family Tree: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

      The first week of school passed quickly, and Linda found herself wishing that each school day would go slower. The evenings Linda passed with Nonna were becoming less and less bearable as Nonna became grouchier and more impossible to please. 1,790 more words


Linda's Family Tree: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

      Linda woke the next morning to the miserable sound of mewing coming from the garage. Mom had agreed that Mittens could stay there until they could come up with a better idea. 1,824 more words


Linda's Family Tree: Chapter 1

When I “created” my dolls Linda and Susan to be friends with Molly and Emily, I knew it was important to me that they have  “meet” story to go along with them like all of the other best friend characters made by AG. 1,780 more words