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Molly looks for a friend

Dear Elliot,

It’s a very long time since I last wrote to you on the blob – am sorry about that! As Daddy told you Eddie died, and of course everyone was very sad. 540 more words


Why feminism?

I recently listened to a podcast episode by The Guilty Feminist titled ‘Anger’. Sofie, one of the two intelligent and hilarious hosts of the show, went into a story about how she had been told by a man, upon telling him not to touch her after he had drunkenly embraced her in front of an array of people, replied something along the lines of, “I can touch you if I want to touch you,” and he continued to do so before deciding he was ready to release her. 809 more words


More to Molly than meets the eye: A look at rap's latest drug trend

Move aside Mary Jane, and make way for Molly.

Once associated primarily with weed, hip hop has cozied up to a party drug with a cute name, a mysterious identity and a potentially lethal set of side effects. 186 more words

Hip Hop

Bigger than Rick Ross: Hip-hop has to take responsibility for its objectification of women

Rick Ross has rightfully caught flak for lyrics that allude to date rape on the song “U.O.E.N.O. (You Ain’t Even Know It),” a track from Atlanta rapper Rocko which also features up-and-coming artist Future. 231 more words

Hip Hop


I’m not going to spend this entire post talking about my recovery from childbirth, but I will say this. Recovering from a vaginal birth, without drugs, has been INFINITELY easier than recovering from the c-section I had with Tater. 528 more words


Storm after storm after storm

All it does here every evening is storm.

It’s been storming so much that Molly’s even freaking out less. Don’t get me wrong – she still gets scared but she’s not trembling like an earthquake is inside her. 192 more words