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Quinoa Breakfast

It’s SO simple, SO good for you, and SO powerfully nutritious. Eat on, folks.

Good Morning,World!

Because I’m usually getting to the gym before the sun rises and coming home with an empty stomach, I’m a big believer in a power packed breakfast – proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, and veggies – to get me through the day. 342 more words


He Makes Me Brave

The first time you hear a worship song in church, you don’t always get “into it” like you do with songs you’ve been singing for years. 269 more words



Oh Sherlock, how the mighty have fallen.

When it blew onto our screens one winter long ago back in 2010 it was a breath of fresh air. 500 more words

On: The Women's March

I woke up yesterday to my friends Emily and Josh forcing me out of bed and getting ready to march.

I remember the perplexing feelings I felt after the election. 497 more words


Not quite the Baker Street Boys

Watching the latest episode of Sherlock Holmes Season 4 has been on the top of my priorities for the last few days and frankly you should not watch it. 203 more words

Moo’s ACL Surgery

Following from my post on Moo’s Aussie Rules Debut…she did in fact end up rupturing her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and so she went into surgery on September 14th for the repair. 156 more words


Saturday Weekend Inspo!!

Every day at 10:53 they checked their mailboxes: the same apartment complex. At that time the sun kind of dripped in through the cracks in the molding.  49 more words