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5 Products for Quick, Fresh-Faced Beauty

We all have days when we aren’t in the mood to put our full glam face on – and even more days when we don’t have the TIME for it. 651 more words

5 Minute Makeup

May IPSY Glam Bag Review - Purchase or Pass?

This May IPSY Glam Bag was a joy to open… with this terribly drab spring we are having in Seattle, the ice cream cones and sunny colors really made me hopeful that summer will arrive someday. 554 more words


Ipsy Review // March 2017

Hey y’all!

I have recently done a review on my very first Ipsy Glam Bag. Which, in my humble opinion, was 100% worth every penny of my $10. 140 more words


My journey to return to Self-Care | Face, Body & Bath Detox.

My skin has been under attack these past few weeks. Perhaps it’s still recovering from the holiday season. Yes, the season is practically three.months.ago. I for one do not ascribe to excuses, however, if I’m going to be honest, I have to factor in all possibilities. 628 more words


Body After Baby: What Happens & How to Deal

I shared my thoughts on Beauty After Baby with Yahoo Beauty three months after my son as born, and then again one year later. I learned a lot in that year, so I also wanted to share which products and services helped me heal and find myself again. 1,280 more words


Beauty After Baby: One Year Later

A year after I wrote Beauty After Baby: The Honest Truth, Yahoo Beauty asked me to come back and write about how I felt one year later. 1,096 more words


What you're missing in your beauty routine | Night Time Skin Care

It’s that moment when you’re all comfortable in bed relaxing and your eyes are slowly closing and you’re off to a wondrous snooze and it hits you! 932 more words