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Where Do You Get Your Baby Name Inspiration?

I know that when my husband and I started trying to conceive our first child back in 2015, I was already skimming baby name websites before the end of our first cycle. 77 more words

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The Best-Laid Plans of Pregnancy Often Go Awry

A normal pregnancy is 40 weeks. When I entered my third trimester, everything was going great and in my head, I figured I would have 40 weeks plus 1 or 2 because first babies often come late. 1,303 more words


Book Review: The Conscious Parent

I truly devoured this book. I soaked up every word on every page. I shared lots of quotes from this book on social media already so there isn’t much that I can add here. 302 more words

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Book Review: Goodnight stories for rebel girls...

My daughter and I read the first Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls book last summer. It has concise versions of biographies of girls/women around the world who broke the cultural and societal barriers to follow their hearts. 160 more words

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Book Review: Once a Mouse

This story is a retelling of an old Indian folk tale. I was excited to have found it for 50 cents in our library’s used book section. 200 more words

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Baby H #2: Week 15

Another week has come and gone. Come to think of it, June is almost gone too. Crazy.

The first trimester seemed to drag on and on, but so far this one is flying by. 868 more words

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How To Get Dads More Involved?

It is challenging to encourage Dads’ involvement, yet the society these days is working hard towards that goal. Below are a few steps that might help achieve it: 378 more words